Yolanda Diaz Twitter Video

      yolanda diaz video

      Hey everyone, gather around! It’s time for another dose of viral news from our favorite sharer of all things trending. Yolanda Diaz, Sumar’s candidate for the Presidency of the Government, recently took the spotlight in an interview with the newspaper Público, where she gave us a glimpse into a day on the campaign trail while doing something unexpected – ironing.

      This unexpected action quickly went viral on social media, sparking a flurry of comments and reactions.

      Yolanda Diaz Twitter Video

      Yolanda Diaz Twitter Video

      “A Day with Yolanda Diaz,” video opens with scenes of the second vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy casually ironing a shirt. “Carmela left just yesterday for Galicia,” sets the scene, revealing the more personal side of Yolanda Díaz.

      When asked about her sleep schedule during the election campaign, she candidly admitted to only getting “two hours a day.” But what caught people’s attention on social media was her love for ironing. “I usually iron because I love it, it’s relaxing,” she shared.

      “I’m always on edge, so I find solace in ironing. When I get home from work, I zone in, prepare myself, focus on one thing, and start ironing – my clothes, and everyone else’s,” she revealed while the camera captured her in a gym.

      The interview also showcases Yolanda Diaz at a rally, with glimpses of scenes on the campaign bus, hugs, and cheers from her supporters. “I stick to routines, almost like clockwork. I wake up at the same time, hit the shower, grab breakfast, sip on coffee, and dive into reports, press releases, and all sorts of things,” she explained.

      Yolanda Diaz Twitter Video

      The Yolanda Diaz Twitter Video garnered over 1,300 likes and 300 retweets, sparking a range of reactions from Twitter users. Some expressed disbelief, commenting, “Let me iron to relax? I can’t stand the heat! Ironing is the worst,” while others questioned the authenticity of the video, saying, “Is this for real?”

      However, amidst the skepticism, Yolanda Diaz also received words of support from users who appreciated the authenticity of the content. “It’s just life, not everyone can relate,” one user remarked, while another defended her love for ironing, saying, “What’s wrong with ironing? Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s a calming activity.”

      From playful remarks like “How mesmerizing is that iron!” to heartfelt messages like “I admire her discipline,” the tweet generated a mix of reactions, showcasing the diverse perspectives on Yolanda Diaz’s unexpected moment of relaxation amidst the chaos of political campaigning.

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