5 Best Back Hand Karva Chauth Mehandi Design Ideas

      Best Back Hand Mehndi Design


      5+ Gorgeous Back Hand Mehndi Designs Ideas 2021, Back Hand mehndi is most popular at that time when you go to the marriage festival.

      You Thinking only Marriage Festival.

      Then no!  Mehndi is a word only enough for a lady no need for any festival for mehndi drawing.

      Only draw the mehndi at your palm is now old because nowadays lady is interested to draw a mehndi in the backhand also.

      So if you are also interested and don’t know which is the best backhand mehndi design then read this article it will help you to design the backhand very beautiful and attractive.

      I told you the most beautiful top five backhand mehndi designs that are now trending for bride and groom. 

      This Backhand mehndi design is some for ladies and groom also. 

      Now we see the one by one best top back hand mehndi designs.

      5 Back Hand Mehndi Designs

      1. Peacock Back Hand Mehndi Design
      2. Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Designs
      3. Eid Mehndi Designs
      4. Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design
      5. The Mirror Effect Back Hand Mehndi Design

      1. Peacock Back Hand Mehndi Design

      Back Hand Mehndi Design

      Peacock you love this then this design for you is known as peacock mehndi design.

      This design represents you are Indian and then look at the design picture.

      The peacock design is one of the best and favorite in the bride’s time and ladies are love this type of design. 

      The peacock design looks attractive and the backhand gives the sexy look.

      So you want to impress the people. This design is perfect for you.

      Peacock Backhand mehndi design is the top in the backhand mehndi design because of their look and attractiveness.

      2. Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Designs

      Back Hand Mehndi Designs

      Rajasthani backhand design is another type of backhand design so look at the picture, Its type of design looks like jewelry so if you like this design make it in your backhand. 

      Their lining in that design is attractive to the people and gives them immense pleasure.

      Its Name is Rajasthani then it’s not for only Rajasthani people its name suggests you this belong to Rajasthani culture.

      So the name is given as Rajasthani Backhand mehndi design.

      And it’s applied to both bride and groom so apply in the back and enjoy the festival.

      3. Eid Mehndi Designs
      Eid Mehndi Design

      Eid that day was so good so you make it more special when you apply this backhand mehndi design.

      This mehndi design is made by special to eid festival only, SO look at the design to draw in your backhand.

      Eid mehndi design comes under the special category.

      So you are not yet aware of this mehndi then apply it and make your Eid special this year in 2021. 

      Eid is the Most famous festival each year because that day people make it special so you are ladies then grab it and draw this beautiful mehndi.

      4. Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design
      Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

      Floral backhand mehndi design is special for those who love flowers.

      IN that mehndi design flowers make a special design. 

      The flower is the main thing in that the design you can draw the different type of flower in the picture you see one floral design.

      You know the other flower then draw and make this beautiful design, Its design looks good when your color is bright and good 

      It applies only to ladies it’s not for the groom. 

      5. The Mirror Effect Back Hand Mehndi Design

      Mirror Effect Back Hand Mehndi Design

      Mirror effect backhand design is now trending because brides are interested to draw the mehndi in both of their backhands.

      This design of the mirror see the same in both hands when other people see this look like a mirror so people give the name as a mirror backhand design

      This design is to make your day special, If you want to love to draw a mehndi with your two hands then it is perfect for you 

      Their mirror effect gives one type of impression to other people.

      This Five design is best for all the ladies who are interested to draw the mehndi in your backhand design. 

      This design is most popular and one of those is now trending so make your day special by drawing this awesome beautiful and charming backhand mehndi design. 


      Back Hand Mehndi Design all complete information is given in that article. 

      If you like more then comment below I show you another also in different articles so keep in touch to read this amazing type of backhand mehndi design.

      If you like it give your opinion in the comment box and share your friends as well thank you.

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