Best Sewing Machine in India

      Best Sewing Machine in India

      Usha Best Sewing Machine in India 2021. I am going to give you the details about the best sewing machine in India.

      A sewing machine is a necessary household item because there might be some defects we may face in our apparel. For some minor defects, we cannot buy a new one instead of repairing that and a sewing machine is very necessary for that condition.

      As we know there are a lot of sewing machines available in our country with different types and we need to buy the best one. 

      But don’t worry, there is no need to search for the best one on the Internet, we are providing you with the complete details of the Best Sewing Machine in our budget. In this article, we are covering the features of the best sewing machine and the things you need to consider before buying the Best Sewing Machine. 

      Best Sewing Machine in India 2022

      # Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

      Best Sewing Machine in India

      Usha is a popular brand dealing in sewing machines so we can easily their product, as we don’t need to compromise with the quality of the product. This sewing machine can stitch the apparel quickly and we don’t need to wait for long. 

      It is a very light sewing machine, which can be easily carried from one place to another. There is also a handle that makes it convenient to carry.

      The compact size of this sewing machine can be fit into the cupboard easily and the thread control tension assures that the thread will not break at the working time.

      This sewing machine allows us to do zig-zag stitching and can be stitched on any fabric easily. Let us know about the main features of this sewing machine. 


      # Portable

      This is a compact size sewing machine that can be carried out easily and can move from one place to another. The handle that comes with this sewing machine makes it quite convenient to carry, the portability feature is also a reason to buy this sewing machine. 

      # Thread Controller

      This feature comes with a thread tension controller so that stitching can be done easily. Users will not have to face the issue of thread break down, as it has a controller.

      The Dial allows the users to select the pattern and start stitching with full of convenience, we don’t need to compromise with the stitching quality. 

      # Button Holing

      This sewing machine has a 4-Step button holding system where the machine will get stop sewing after every part and when you fix the dial, then it will move to the next step.

      It has 7 options of built-in stitches, which include rolled hemming, smocking, quilting, lace fixing, and many more. So users can easily start stitching with a variety of options and there are no chances of getting mistakes because of the 4-Step buttonhole system. 

      # Speed

      This sewing machine has a speed of 550 Stitches per minute, which helps to work quickly without any hassles. It also comes with stitch length control so you can control all the things easily. The speed assures that there will be no delay if you have a huge work of stitching. 

      # Other Features

      This sewing machine has an automatic tripping bobbin system that can be easily attached to the sewing machine. Users need to put a thread into the needle manually. There is also a light attached above the needle so that you can easily work at night also. 

      # Warranty

      The company is providing a 2-year warranty for this sewing machine, so if users are finding any issues with this sewing machine, they can immediately contact the customer service. They will come to your doorstep and will provide you with free services.

      Buying Guide 

      • There are some factors that you need to consider before buying the Best Sewing Machine so that we can get the best deal. Here are the factors that you need to consider –
      • A Sewing Machine should have some easy and free control so that we don’t have to face issues while using it. The dial should be easily controllable and the Machine should run in just a single tap and make sure that there is enough room to place your fiber. 
      • Users should always go for a lightweight and portable sewing machine so that it can be easily placed in a cupboard. A portable machine can be easily moved from one place to another, so it will be very convenient for us. 
      • If you have a lot of work and want more convenience then make sure that the sewing machine has an LED light above the needle so that we can easily work in dark also. The light assures accuracy with effectiveness. 
      • Earlier the sewing machine has the bobbins in a very tine compartment, which makes it difficult every time to roll thread on it but now the modern sewing machines are coming with bobbins at the top of the machine so that you don’t need to invest more time in attaching it. 

      Users also need to make sure that the company is providing a sufficient time warranty for the machine. There should be at least 2 years warranty for the machine so that we can get assured. 


      So this is the best Sewing Machine in the market, which provides all the relevant features that we expect. We have given the complete details of the sewing machine, now you can stop the searching and make your buying decision.

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