Adam Ruzicka Video Twitter

      Adam Ruzicka Video Twitter

      The recent controversy surrounding the “Adam Ruzicka Video” has caused significant damage, even though the video has since been deleted.

      Adam Ruzicka, a 24-year-old forward from Slovakia, found himself in hot water after posting a video on social media that appeared to show him with what looked like cocaine. The Arizona Coyotes, his team, took swift action by putting Ruzicka on unrestricted waivers to terminate his contract.

      Although the exact substance in the video couldn’t be confirmed, its context raised serious concerns about potential drug use by Ruzicka. The team stated they would not comment further beyond ending his contract.

      Adam Ruzicka Video

      Adam Ruzicka Video Twitter

      The video, which surfaced on Ruzicka’s Instagram story on February 21st, 2023, showed him behind a counter with lines of a white powder substance and a credit card. Ruzicka, smiling, appeared to simulate snorting the substance. The video was only up for about 10 minutes before being deleted. It’s unclear what prompted Ruzicka to post such an inflammatory video, whether it was related to substance abuse or simply poor judgment.

      The Coyotes organization became aware of the video the same night and promptly took action to terminate Ruzicka’s contract.

      The Coyotes’ response to the video was swift and decisive. They placed Ruzicka on waivers and officially terminated his contract the next day, citing a clear violation of league and team conduct standards. Video evidence of potential drug-related behavior cannot be tolerated, even if the substances involved are not conclusively confirmed.

      adam ruzicka video

      Despite only playing three games with the Coyotes after being claimed off waivers, Ruzicka’s contract termination underscores the team’s commitment to upholding high standards of personal conduct.

      While incidents involving cocaine use among NHL players are rare, there have been similar instances in the past. In 2019, Washington Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov was suspended three games by the NHL after testing positive for cocaine at the World Championships.

      Kuznetsov also faced video evidence circulating of him near a table with lines of a white substance. Despite no failed drug test with Washington, the video and subsequent suspension highlighted the NHL’s stance on substance abuse and led to disciplinary action.

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