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Airman Sets Himself on Fire Video

The shocking image spread like wildfire – an Air Force pilot engulfed in flames outside the Israeli Embassy. “Airman sets himself on fire Video!” he screamed, his body ablaze before collapsing burned on the pavement.

Airman Sets Himself on fire Video

Airman Sets Himself on fire

On Sunday, February 26th, 2024, a 25-year-old well-trained airman set himself on fire. Emergency responders rushed to extinguish the fire, but Bushnell was left with critical, life-threatening injuries from the self-immolation. The Air Force confirmed Bushnell’s well-trained status, while police investigate the motivations behind his extreme act of protest captured in the viral video.

The disturbing protest footage shows Bushnell, in uniform, dousing himself in an accelerant and lighting himself on fire while shouting “Free Palestine!” outside the embassy doors. According to D.C. Fire and EMS, officers from the Secret Service Uniformed Division had already extinguished the flames when emergency responders arrived just before 1 pm. Bushnell was immediately transported to a local hospital suffering from severe burns and smoke inhalation injuries.

The video has sparked intense debate regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict, the ethics of self-immolation as protest, and the role of online media in spreading graphic acts of political dissent.

Aaron Bushnell: Airman Who Set Himself On Fire

Airman Sets Himself on Fire Video

According to military records, Aaron Matthew Bushnell was a 25-year-old well-trained pilot first class stationed at Joint Base San Antonio in Texas. A native of San Antonio, Bushnell had served in the Air Force for nearly 4 years as an aircraft maintenance apprentice. His former superiors described him as a model airman with a bright future, but noted Bushnell had become increasingly withdrawn in recent times.

On his LinkedIn profile, Bushnell described himself as an aspiring programmer, indicating potential plans to transition out of military service. No one imagined he would exit in such a shocking, defiant act of self-immolation.

Video: Airman’s Self-Immolation Outside Israeli Consulate

Bushnell’s livestream video begins with him walking purposefully towards the embassy doors carrying a red gas can. He sets up his phone camera and states: “I go by Aaron Matthew Bushnell. I’m a deployment-ready airman sets himself on fire video.” He produces a lighter from his pocket, declares “Free Palestine!” and sets himself on fire. The video shows the fire quickly spreading as Bushnell flails his arms and screams. Secret Service officers rush over 15 seconds later to tackle Bushnell and extinguish the flames with jackets.

Airman Sets Himself on Fire Video

Investigators have pieced together Bushnell’s movements in D.C. leading up to his public self-immolation. Hotel records show he used cash to book a room for three nights under the name “Mohamed Expressed,” checking in Saturday evening. No staff observed him bringing combustible fluid or other suspicious materials to his room.

However, his activities indicate the suicide battle was pre-planned rather than a spontaneous action. Meticulous planning also explains why Bushnell livestreamed his dramatic act – he intended to reach the widest audience possible. Police seized his cellphone, laptop, and Palestinian memorabilia from the hotel for further forensic analysis.

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