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Ana Karina y Su Esposo Video Viral

Ana Karina y Su Esposo, Alejandro Aguilar, are currently enjoying a vacation in New York, as seen in Ana’s recent posts on social media. However, Ana felt compelled to address her absence from the morning show Buen Día, Colombia, amidst questions from fans on social networks.

Ana Karina y Su Esposo Video

Ana Karina y Su Esposo Video Viral 1

In a heartwarming video shared online, Ana, accompanied by her sister-in-law and her son, Dante, strolls through the bustling streets of the Big Apple. Dante, acting as the bearer of exciting news, is handed two objects by Ana and her sister-in-law. As Dante approaches his father, Alejandro Aguilar, he reveals a pregnancy test and an ultrasound, exclaiming, “Dad, my mother and my aunt have a surprise for you.”

Caught off guard, Alejandro reacts with joy as he processes the news, expressing his relief that it’s not Ana’s second pregnancy. The family embraces in celebration, with Alejandro sharing a private moment with his sister.

Meanwhile, back in Colombia, Violeta Bergonzi, Ana’s colleague on Buen Día, Colombia, also shared her own surprise. Violeta announced her second pregnancy live on national television, catching her fellow hosts off guard. Her daughter joined the excitement, wearing a shirt with a special message announcing her future sibling.

Ana Karina Soto, overwhelmed with happiness for her colleague, quickly embraced Violeta, congratulating her on the wonderful news. The entire team, visibly moved by the announcement, received the news with joy and excitement, marking a memorable moment for all involved.

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