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Shane Dawson Cat Incident Video Viral on Twitter and YouTube


Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams shared heartbreaking news with their followers: their newly adopted cat, Mario, tragically passed away just one week after joining their family.

Who is Shane Dawson?

Shane Dawson is a multi-talented American personality known for his work as a YouTuber, actor, filmmaker, writer, and musician. However, his career has been marred by controversies, particularly concerning remarks made on his podcast, “Shane and Friends,” over a period of four years until 2017. Accusations were raised about comments that were perceived as sexualizing minors and endorsing pedophilia.

Shane Dawson Cat Incident Video Viral on Twitter and YouTube

In 2018, Dawson faced significant backlash after controversial remarks about pedophilia resurfaced from a 2013 episode of his podcast. In response, he released an apology video where he acknowledged the inappropriateness of his past comments and likened his comedic style to that of shock jocks.

The controversy resurfaced once again in March 2019, along with additional scrutiny over comments made in a 2015 episode of his podcast regarding inappropriate behavior involving his cat. These controversies have cast a shadow over Dawson’s career and prompted public debate about the boundaries of humor and responsible content creation.

Shane Dawson Cat Incident Video

The couple already had two dogs, Honey and Uno, and another cat named Cheeto when they decided to welcome Mario into their home. They adopted Mario through Trisha Paytas’ boyfriend, Moses. However, their joy was short-lived when Ryland revealed Mario’s passing on their podcast, The Sip.

Ryland expressed his disbelief and sorrow, emphasizing how Mario’s presence had brought much-needed positivity into their lives. Mario quickly bonded with Cheeto and was beginning to integrate with their dogs. Unfortunately, tragedy struck while Mario was in the company of Shane in the beauty room.

Ryland recounted the heartbreaking moment when Mario ran back to his room, making distressing sounds and vomiting. It’s suspected that an incident involving their dogs led to Mario’s injuries.

Shane Dawson Cat Incident

Shane, deeply affected by Mario’s passing, shared his profound connection with the cat. Through tears, he described Mario as his soulmate, someone who provided him with unconditional love during challenging times. Shane’s emotional tribute underscored the profound impact Mario had on his life, emphasizing their strong bond and mutual understanding.

Despite their grief, Shane and Ryland shared their story on the podcast to offer solace to others experiencing pet loss. The loss of Mario has left a void in their lives, but their shared memories and love for him will endure.

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