Anne Heche Accident Video

      Anne Heche Accident Video

      In a shocking event in Los Angeles, Anne Heche found herself in the midst of two car accidents, setting off a fire that would alter her life forever. Videos of the incident spread like wildfire on Twitter, leaving everyone concerned about her well-being. Here at, we’re dedicated to keeping you updated on the Anne Heche Accident Video Twitter, covering everything from what happened to how she’s doing now.

      Anne Heche Accident Video

      Anne Heche Accident Video

      A neighbor near the house Anne Heche crashed into on that Friday in Los Angeles shared what happened when witnesses tried to help the actress from the fiery wreck that left her badly injured.

      Lynne Bernstein, who heard a car racing down the street in Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighborhood that Friday morning, told TMZ about the moment he and his wife heard the crash. They rushed outside and saw a huge hole in the house, with glass everywhere.

      “I could see a big hole in the house,” Bernstein said, adding he ran inside to help. “You could tell the car had crashed through the floor. I mean, it was all the way through the front room and into the back, by the back wall of the house.”

      As neighbors called for help and tried to put out the flames, one person managed to open the back door of the car and ask Anne Heche if she was okay.

      “She acknowledged ‘no,'” Bernstein said. But then, the smoke started getting really thick, making it hard to get to the car. When the firefighters arrived, Bernstein and the others told them about Anne still being inside, and they took over from there.

      “We thought there was no way she could still be alive,” Bernstein said. But they were relieved to see that she had made it through. The Los Angeles Fire Department said that they were able to get Anne Heche out of the car and take her to the hospital in critical condition.

      Anne Heche Accident Video

      The fire that started from the crash was put out in just over an hour, and luckily, no one else was hurt. Anne Heche’s representative told NBC News that she is now in stable condition, and they’re asking for privacy during this difficult time.

      Bernstein also mentioned that his neighbor, whose house was crashed into, was lucky to be alive, and her pets were saved too. They’ve started a fundraiser to help replace her things that were damaged in the crash. There’s footage of a blue Mini Cooper crashing into a garage before driving off, and other videos show it speeding through residential streets before crashing into the Mar Vista home.

      The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that they got a warrant to take blood from Anne Heche on Friday. If the test shows she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, she could face DUI and hit-and-run charges. We’ll have to wait for the blood test results, which could take a few weeks, to see what happens next. Stay updated on the latest news.

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