Video do Ministerio da Saude

      Video do ministerio da saude

      During the 1st Health Promotion Mobilization Meeting organized by the Ministerio da Saude in Brasília, a dance performance stirred controversy, drawing criticism from opposition politicians against the Lula government. In a snippet of the video circulating on social media, a woman performs a rendition of ‘Batcu’ by Aretuza Lovi, dancing towards the audience.

      The ministry issued a statement expressing regret over the incident and pledged to take preventive measures to avoid such occurrences in the future.

      Video do ministerio da saude

      Video do Ministerio da Saude 1

      The meeting, hosted by the Department of Prevention and Health Promotion of the Primary Health Care Secretariat of the Ministry of Health (DEPPROS/SAPS/MS), commenced on the 4th and is slated to conclude on Friday, the 6th. Its aim, as stated by the Health Ministry, is to bolster the implementation and participatory management of the National Health Promotion Policy by facilitating the exchange of experiences and fostering dialogue among managers and workers from various states, with a focus on embracing cultural diversity.

      Nevertheless, it was the dance performance that garnered attention on social media platforms. Ciro Nogueira, former minister of the Civil House during the Bolsonaro government and currently a senator representing Piauí, criticized the video, characterizing it as unsuitable for a Primary Care seminar hosted by the Ministerio da Saude. He remarked, “Is that what primary care is? (…) And real Brazil is shocked by all of this.”

      Video do ministerio da saude

      Deltan Dallagnol, a former prosecutor and impeached deputy, also condemned the presentation, expressing disbelief at what he perceived as moral degradation under the Lula government. He raised concerns, questioning, “The level of moral degradation of the Lula government is unbelievable. Now we even have a pornographic ‘bate c*’ dance at an official Ministry of Health event. What will be the next absurdity? Will Brazilian families see pornographic dancing at the Ministry of Education too?”

      The Movement of Brazilian Libertarians (MBL) shared the video, questioning its relevance to Primary Health Care. They posted, “What a woman doing a practically erotic dance has to do with Primary Health Care I don’t know, but you probably paid for it.”

      Responding to the backlash, the Ministerio da Saude clarified that the meeting’s program included participation from seven artistic groups during breaks, and one of the performances featured an unexpectedly inappropriate choreography. The ministry expressed regret over the incident, labeling it as an “isolated” case that does not reflect the Secretariat’s policy or the intended purposes of the health promotion debate at the meeting. It affirmed its commitment to taking measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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