Darby Allin Accident Video

      Darby Allin Accident video


      Darby Allin, the beloved star of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), seems to be facing a string of bad luck. After winning the first TNT Championship and winning the AEW World Tag Team Championships with Sting, the situation changed. After Sting’s retirement, Allin was given the tag team title. And, in an unfortunate twist of fate, during the match with Jay White in March, he suffered a leg injury, which hampered not only his work in the ring but also his plans to defeat Mount Everest.

      One Mistake: Hit by a bus in New York

      Adding to his woes, Allin recently encountered another setback while in New York. Reports say he was hit by a bus while crossing the road. Despite the difficulty, Allin remained in good spirits, even sharing photos of the incident on Instagram.

      Darby Allin’s Instagram Post

      Darby Allin

      Taking to Instagram on Saturday, Allin shared photos of her trip to New York. The first photo shows him with a friend at a show, with Allin showing off a bandage on his nose. The second picture, although with more detail and pictures, showed Allin after the injury, with a bloody nose and a swollen face. Despite the tragedy, Allin kept his trademark sense of humor, captioning the post with, “That awkward moment when you cross the street in New York with a broken leg and get hit by a bus. Raymond Pettibon ] and catch a Broadway show lol.”

      Repairs and Information

      Fortunately, Allin appears to have escaped major injuries from the crash. Although the details are not available, his photos show that he was able to resume normal activities after the accident. However, information about the injury remains undisclosed, as fans are waiting for more information on Allin’s condition.

      Darby Allin Accident Video

      Cleanse the heart

      In traditional wrestling, fellow AEW star Brody King couldn’t resist a taunt, saying he was responsible for Allin’s debacle. “I was driving the bus that hit [Darby Allin]. Shouldn’t have stopped there,” King tweeted on social media.

      What’s next for Darby Allin?

      With his wrestling career on hold due to injury, Allin’s future in AEW remains uncertain. At first, a break was planned after Sting’s retirement to pursue Everest, but it got in the way. Allin expressed his determination to keep fighting, no matter the challenges.

      From the epic AEW pay-per-view to thinking about his life before climbing Everest, Allin’s journey has been one of resilience and unwavering dedication. in his work. As he faces uncertain times ahead, Allin’s fans are eagerly anticipating his return to the ring, where he will surely continue to defy the odds and inspiring audiences around the world.

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