Ava Louise Flash Portal Video

      ava louise flash portal dublin side

      Ava Louise, known for her provocative stunts, recently caused a stir by flashing in front of the New York-Dublin portal, resulting in its temporary closure. The 25-year-old OnlyFans model, who gained notoriety in 2020 for filming herself licking an airplane toilet seat during a “coronavirus challenge,” lifted her top in New York, shocking onlookers on the Dublin side.

      Ava Louise Flash Portal Video

      Ava Louise Flash Portal Video

      In a video posted on her social media, Ava Louise defended her actions, stating, “I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see my two New York homegrown potatoes.” She claimed that the stunt was well-received by spectators on the New York side, with many finding it amusing.

      However, her antics didn’t go unnoticed by security personnel, who swiftly shut down the portal. Ava’s boyfriend attempted to inquire about the situation, only to discover that the installation had been deactivated.

      In response to criticism, Ava dismissed detractors as “boring” and asserted that her stunt had saved New York City from Dublin’s supposed debauchery. She further justified her actions by stating, “They showed us the Twin Towers so I showed my twin set.”

      ava louise flash portal

      Despite Ava’s claims of positive reception, her actions have garnered backlash from commenters, who accused her of ruining the experience for others and called for consequences such as charges for indecent exposure.

      The futuristic portal, created by artist Benediktas Gyly, had previously encountered controversies from the Irish side, including arrests and displays of inappropriate content. Dublin City Council announced that the portal would be temporarily deactivated to address concerns about inappropriate behavior, with technical solutions being explored by the creative team behind the installation.

      While the portal has been celebrated as a global phenomenon, authorities emphasize that the majority of visitors have behaved appropriately, underscoring the need to address misconduct by a minority.

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