Roaring Kitty Twitter Returns, Causing GameStop shares to jump more than 70%

      Roaring Kitty Twitter Returns


      Keith Gill, famously known as RoaringKitty or DeepF***ingValue, has made a striking comeback, sparking renewed interest in the stock market. Gill, whose influence fueled the “meme stock” phenomenon during the COVID-19 pandemic, reappeared online with his first social media posts in three years, instantly causing stocks to surge once again.

      It feels like eons ago, but Gill was the catalyst behind the unprecedented GameStop stock surge of 2020-2021, a spectacle that captivated and confounded the investment realm amidst the pandemic’s peak. His pivotal role in the meme stock movement led him to testify before Congress about his involvement in the short sale battle that sent the stock price of a struggling video game retailer soaring.

      Who is Roaring Kitty?

      Roaring Kitty Twitter

      Before his meteoric rise to fame, Keith Gill was a former online financial analyst renowned for his investment-focused digital content. Under the aliases “Roaring Kitty” on YouTube and “DeepF***ingValue” on Reddit, Gill shared his insights and strategies, garnering a loyal following in the process. Despite his eventual position as director of financial wellness education at MassMutual, Gill had been sharing investment perspectives long before his professional stint, emphasizing that his opinions were for educational purposes only.

      Who is Keith Gill?

      Gill’s journey into the online investment community began in 2014 when he joined Twitter under the handle Roaring Kitty, offering tips on stock hunting and investment opportunities. A year later, he expanded his presence to YouTube, using the same moniker to host videos and livestreams centered on day trading and investment research. In 2019, Gill ventured into Reddit, becoming an active contributor to the WallStreetBets subreddit.

      GameStop: The Epicenter of a Stock Market Revolution

      It was in 2019 that Gill first championed the idea of GameStop’s undervaluation, a narrative that gained traction amidst the company’s struggles in the digital gaming retail landscape. With the advent of digital stores by industry giants Sony and Microsoft, GameStop faced dwindling prospects as gamers increasingly opted for digital downloads over physical purchases.

      Keith Gill

      However, Gill vehemently argued that GameStop’s stock was undervalued, drawing attention from a burgeoning community of alternative investors fueled by pandemic stimulus checks and a desire to challenge traditional financial institutions. Bolstered by platforms like Robinhood, which simplified trading for novice investors, the meme stock movement gained momentum, culminating in GameStop’s meteoric rise from $17.25 per share to a premarket high of over $500 per share by January 2021.

      From Capitol Hill to Online Resurgence: Keith Gill’s Impact Endures

      Gill’s pivotal role in the GameStop saga catapulted him into the spotlight, culminating in his testimony before Congress in February 2021. Clarifying that he was not a hedge fund or institutional investor, Gill emphasized his status as an individual investor driven by publicly available information. Despite facing scrutiny, Gill maintained that his online presence served educational purposes, debunking claims that he manipulated social media to inflate GameStop’s stock price.

      After a brief hiatus, Gill’s return to social media on X sparked speculation among memestock traders, who interpreted it as a signal for potential market upheaval. GameStop’s stock surged by 68 percent in response, prompting reassurances from Robinhood amid heightened volatility.

      As Gill reenters the online sphere, his enigmatic persona and enduring influence underscore the enduring legacy of the GameStop craze, leaving many intrigued by the man behind the meme stock movement.

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