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Sarem Uysal Twitter Video Viral on Social Media

Yıldız H., the individual behind the controversial content posted under the alias Sarem Uysal on various social media platforms, has been apprehended on charges of ‘intermediating the publication of obscene publications’.

After reports surfaced regarding ‘Sarem Uysal’ using explicit videos across social media platforms to generate income, the Istanbul Police Department Public Order Branch Directorate promptly notified the prosecutor’s office.

Who exactly is Sarem Uysal?

Sarem Uysal Twitter Video

The Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office took into custody a 23-year-old named Yıldız H., the person behind the explicit images circulating on social media under the pseudonym Sarem Uysal.

During the investigation into Yıldız H.’s activities, it was discovered that the 23-year-old, who had previously worked as a nurse, was earning a monthly income of one hundred thousand Turkish liras. Her mobile phone, which was seized during the process, revealed the extensive sharing of explicit photos and videos, along with the unlawful collection of funds through the sharing of her IBAN information.

Yıldız H. claimed to have gained a substantial following within just three months, contending that while the images and photographs showing her face were indeed hers, fake social media accounts had been opened in her name.

Sarem Uysal

$200 PER VIDEO In her statement, Yıldız H. admitted to operating an Only-fans account where she shared sexually explicit videos, charging $200 per video. She clarified that non-members who didn’t pay the fee could not access the content. However, she disassociated herself from a Telegram account bearing her content, insisting that the IBAN information was hers but her Only-fans content had been disseminated on other social media platforms without her consent.


The prosecutor’s office revealed that Yıldız H. had shared semi-nude photos on her social media accounts, exposing them to children who followed her.

Concerned about the unrestricted access children had to these explicit materials on social media platforms, the prosecutor’s office sought her arrest on charges of “intermediating the publication of obscene publications.” Following her statement to the prosecutor’s office, Yıldız H. was arrested and subsequently sent to prison.

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