Best Massage Chair in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Well, who does not like the best Massage chair in India 2021, ask anyone what is the pleasure of getting a good massage anywhere in the world, which we are all very sure of.

we are all very sure all of them would say that it’s amongst the most relaxing and mesmerizing experiences they ever had.

But most of us don’t have sufficient time to go to a massage parlor and get one massage but there’s another alternative for it that the best massage chairs that are now available on various websites like Amazon, etc.

These best massage chairs are a great alternative as they can be kept beside your bed and anywhere in the house and can be used whenever you feel stiff or are tired from an exhausting day at the office. 

these massage chairs are not only capable of rejuvenating and reenergizing you mentally and physically but they can also provide you relief from the chronic and excruciating pain that you’ve been suffering from. 

These massage chairs are very advanced technology-based as there are many massage chairs like vibrating chairs, zero gravity, reclining chairs, and many others.

Best Massage Chair in India 2021

Here are some of the best massage chairs that are available in India so that you can find the best one as per your needs and wants. 

Let Me Show You

1. OSIM U Infinity – Zero Gravity Full Body Massages Chair
The OSIM U Infinity Zero Gravity Full Body Best Massage Chair in India offers quite the distinctive types of massages like lifestyle massage, full rolling massage, deep tissue massage.
The OSIM U Infinity – Zero Gravity Massages Chair truly gives a wonderful experience to those who lay on it for the ultimate massage experience as it relaxes your body and refreshes the soul deeply.
The zero gravity full body chair uses the human touch massage technology which only leads to a more enhanced and awesome massage experience.
OSIM U Infinity Massage Chair

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2. Woods Garden Electric best Massager Chair
The Woods Garden Electric best Massager Chair provides an exceptional massaging experience as it provides you an upper boy massage or a lower body massage one by one or simultaneously.
These brown leather massage chairs will give you butterflies while you recline and take a mesmerizing massage.
best Massager Chair
This Woods Garden Electric Massager Chair home use will help you in relaxing those stiff muscles whether it be a thigh, calves, arms, back, or shoulder you name the part and this chair can do magic for that body part. 

The Woods Garden Electric Best Massage Chairs also help in improving the blood circulation in your body as well as relaxing those stiff muscles.
that you’re been suffering aches from after an intense and rigorous workout session of yours but now you can relax and take a massage that’s going to reduce the pain so that you can sleep soundly afterward.
3. I relax Sl-A51 Massage Chair for Home
I relax Sl-A51 Massage Chairs is a dream chair for those who are looking to buy a cheap price chair as it is heavily loaded with tons of features like magnetic therapy,
arm airbags, hips airbags, foot mastoid massage, stretching, back crash cushion, foot overturn, and many more others.
Massage Chairs
This full-body Best Massage Chair in India is the ultimate massage experience provides as it contains 8 airbags on each side of the arm so that your arms completely relax from the biceps to even the nails of your fingers. 

This massage chair comes with a stretch space and stretches an angle of 6.5cm and 45 degrees respectively.
I relax Sl-A51 Massages Chair contains the abilities to provide one of the best massages ever from its hand touch and foot overturn technology.
Sol this is the perfect gadget for all those who are seeking to buy a massage chair as they have gotten tired of stiff muscles and muscle aches. 
I relax the Sl-A51 Chair will ultimately help you in enhancing the blood circulation throughout the body and will reduce those sufferings of yours.
I relax Sl-A51 Massage Chair comes with a warranty of six months which ensures that it is a quality product being provided by the company and it is available in two colors of rose red and the other black pearl.
4. Carefit Zero Gravity 4D Z care Massage Chair
All right the next one on the list is the Carefit Zero Gravity 4D Z care Top Massage Chair.
well with this massage chair you won’t have to emphasize how to lay on the chair so that you can have the ultimate massage experience as this one comes with the automatic body scan feature to suit your body’s position. 

These massage chairs have 4d technology and a super long track of 1450mm which helps you in relaxing those stiff muscles limiting your movements so that you can move more accurately.
Carefit Zero Gravity 4D Z care Massage Chair
The Zero gravity feature in this chair helps you treat back pain and spinal pain more accurately and effectively whereas the airbags help in relieving pain in other body parts and relaxing those stiff muscles. 

The automatic body scanner enables the body massage rollers and the foot massage rollers to move as per the body structure and give you a massaging experience without any hindrance.
Quick tips for selecting the Best Massage Chair in India
and this Carefit Zero Gravity 4D Z care Top JSB Chairs also has an additional feature of a Bluetooth music play so that you can listen to those favorite tunes of your while relaxing on this comfortable chair.
5. Robotouch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Pain Relief
The Robo touch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Pain Relief Best Massage Chair in India for home.
Wooah that’s quite the name isn’t it is loaded with four-wheeled massage hands that will provide you the ultimate full body massage and relief from pain. 

This Robotouch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Pain Relief Chair can provide the flapping massage and knocking massage experience.
Best Massage Chair in India 2021 - Reviews & Buying Guide 1
The Robo touch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Pain Relief Best Massage Chair in India has been designed with the emulation massage method of shiatsu kneading.
and has the ability to recognize the position of your shoulder and neck so that you can get the best neck massage ever. 
The Robotouch Maxima Luxury Full Body Chair has dissected the body in two parts the upper body and the lower body and it offers three types of massages in both body sections. 
This massage chair offers fixed massage, partial massage, and overall upper body massage on the upper body section and the lower body section contains the full body air pressure arms. 
leg set with 16 airbags and the leg massage with roller massage option for a better foot and toe massage, and this isn’t all. 

The Robotouch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Pain Relief Massage Chairs comes with a five-level speed adjustment for various states that are lapping, shiatsu, and knocking.
The Robo touch company provides the buyer of this chair with a one-year on-site warranty plus a free of any cost installation and demo of the chair.


Multi-directional massage delivered by a set of vertically movable, four-wheel driven muted massage hands

Diverse massage modes including kneading, flapping, kneading & flapping, shiatsu, knocking, etc

Enhanced massage experience via four functions including whole body airbag, swing hip, back/waist twist & waist stretch, coupled with three-level memory function

5 level speed mode with fully adjustable calf & backrest for maximum customization
Built-in high-end VFD display and LED light encrusted armrest

Rotatable upper arms to customize a massage for different body heights
Stimulating blood circulation, soothing tired muscle tissues & total pain relief

6. JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair
The next one on the list is the JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair is among the elite massage chairs available in the Indian market.
This massage chair will provide you a full body massage that will relax all your muscles and joints hence no stiffness in the body anymore.
JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chair
The JSB MZ15 Full Body Chair comes with the options of various types of massages like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, and air squeeze with advanced roller coverage.
This chair focuses more on relieving specific zones in your back, leg, and shoulder by providing swing and spot massages. 
The MZ15 Best Massage Chair in India also has the option to adjust the height of the chair so that extra short and extra long people can get have a wonderful experience without any problems. 

This chair is available in the red and black variant which enhances the luxurious looks of the chair with all the benefits that are packed inside of it. 
So it’s quite the option for those who are looking to buy a massage chair in India as the JSB MZ15 Full Body Massage Chairs.
It has the looks and certainly all the tools to relax all the stiffness in your body with the full body massage and make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated to go to work the next day.
7. Robotouch Elite Full Body Featured Massage Chair
The Robo touch Elite Full Body Featured JSB Best Massage Chair in India works with
the kneading, shiatsu, flapping and knocking emulation massage techniques to relieve all the body aches and provide a mesmerizing and comfortable massaging experience.
Robotouch Elite Full Body Featured Massage Chair
The Robo touches Elite Full Body Best Massage Chair in India is one of the most effective best massage chairs out there as it has the ability to auto-scan your body position for a better and more relaxing massaging experience. 

This massage chair comes with four-wheel massage hands which only adds more to the massaging experience as the enhances the recovery from pain and stiffness of the muscles. 
The Robo touch Elite Full Body JSB Massage Chairs also have many airbags installed in the chair as they provide a better air pressure massage experience as the arm contains 8 airbags.
Buttock area has 5 airbags, lower body or back area has 4 airbags, and calf’s area with 32 built-in airbags.

JSB mz16 full body massage chair price in India 2021

8. JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair
The last pick for our list f the best massage chair in India is the JSB MZ16 Full Body Chair which offers an excellent full-body massage experience at the best. 

JSB MZ16 Full Body Relax Massage Chair only requires an additional space of 6 cm in the back in order to recline so that you can also fell asleep while enjoying the massage.
This massage chair offers kneading, tapping, flapping, and shiatsu massage techniques and if none of these techniques doesn’t fit your need then there’s a customized option that you can use as per your needs.
it also offers the spot massage option in which this chair will focus only on one part of the body and can also adjust the intensity of the rollers as per the requirements.
JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair
This Massage chair comes with a one-year on-site warranty.
The JSB MZ16 Full Body Best Massage Chair also has height adjustment options which are a great feature as it allows the same massaging extravaganza for peoples of all sorts. 
Now so that we have talked about the various massager chairs that are available in the country we should also die into the various specifications that we should look into before finalizing the best chair that suits and fulfills all our needs.
Massage Chair Buyers Guide


So the first thing we need to keep in mind while we are considering buying a massage chair is how much money we are willing to spend on it.
The best massage chair is not a cheap item they are pretty expensive they usually cost between 50 thousand rupees to around 5 lakh rupees in India. 
The inexpensive one usually doesn’t carry all of the extra features in them that a 5 lakh one will have but you don’t have to be depressed because most of those features you will end up never using Even though you bought the expensive one.
so it is better that you identify the features that you will require from chairs and buy the perfect one for yourself.

you don’t wanna end up buying yourself a massage chair that is expensive and which doesn’t have a warranty because their repair can also cost quite a good amount of money.
So it’s better that you buy the best chair that has a warranty of at least a year or two so that even if anything needs to be repaired you may not have to pay tons of money to get it done right. 

Money is not the only factor that you need to keep in mind while buying a massage chair near me.
The space that is required to keep a massage chair review is also very crucial as you don’t want to end up having to move out or sell some of your stuff in order to fit the chair in your house right. 
A Top massage chair is usually of quite the size and they need more space than your normal chair and the reclining feature also enhances.
The spaces requirement so it is better that you consider buying a chair that will fit in your home easily without any issues.

You don’t wanna buy a chair that doesn’t fit you properly right. So it’s better that you take a look into the height factor as it leads to most problems.
A massage chair for home is usually designed for peoples of 6 feet. 

So it is a must for those who are less than 6 feet to take a trail of the chair first before coming to the decision of buying one.
It is a good option to buy the best massager chair in India, which has the auto-scan feature as it tells the chair to adjust its height and rollers as per the height of the individual. 
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1. Which brand of massage chair is the best?

OSIM U Infinity is another famed brand when it comes to tackling your wallet for a massage chair. The brand devises products with advance and modern technology.

2. How much does a massage chair cost in India?

Generally, massage chair pricing starts from around Rs.80,000- 90,00 and can go as high as Rs.5-6 lacs. As is expected, the more advanced and luxurious

3. Where can I buy massage chairs in India?

You can buy Massage Chair online from Amazon in India. This is one of the best and most trustable platforms for online shopping.

4. Is massaging chair good?

3D massaging can help to get a little better than the 2D massage type, where it provides massage to the underlying muscles and helps relax the strain on those muscles. 4D massing is by far the best type of massaging that can release stress deep-seated in deeper tissues that can be reached by a 3D massage chair.


These 7 best massage chairs in India lead the market in the current scenario and are highly in demand.

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