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Hello everyone, well 2019 was quite the year wasn’t

it.. so a happy new year from our side….and all the best for 2020 Now we are here to provide your hard-working and tired souls that can’t wait to go to the bed after such a tiring and exhausting day, Best Mattress Brand in India.

But you need a perfect mattress for that so that you can sleep in the most comfortable and even more deep sleep than you can ever imagine.

But wait you will need a mattress for that, which is the most suitable for you, right.

Wow, Great Mattress

Many people don’t pay attention to the quality and the build of the mattress they have been using, thinking that it is not going to create any problems(it is just a mattress) but not taking into consideration.

the quality and built of a mattress it can have hazardous consequences in the later periods of like as it can cause sleeplessness like not being able to sleep properly( causing sleep disorders) and one of the most common issues that a cheap mattress can’t solve is the problem of backache or commonly known as back pain so check out Best Mattress brand in India.

best mattress brand in india

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Best Mattress Brand in India with Amazon offer in 2020

So it’s quite a must that you pay attention to the mattress that you have been sleeping on for the last year or so.

All of us don’t want to end up in a hospital because were not able to sleep properly at night or cannot stand straight because of the unrelenting back pain, instead.

we want a night’s sleep that charges us back up and ready to go for the next mornings works whether it be an office or a grueling workout session.

Proper sleep is the most crucial part of our life as we spend most of our life on the bed, whether it’s falling asleep as soon as you enter the home and lie down onto the bed or you sit under the blanket while watching an awesome web series on Netflix or something like that.

So we are here to provide the perfect guide to you so that you get the details about the best mattress in India, that is available in India plus the things that you should look for in a mattress. 

So first and foremost we’re going to discuss the necessary features of a mattress that you should consider before buying a mattress like motion isolation, conforming ability, size, thickness and many others.

Size of mattress

There are many sizes of mattresses that are available throughout the globe like full or double, twin, twin xl, queen, king, California king, and many others but out of all these sizes.

the single size, double size, queen size, and king size mattress are the most commonly used mattress in India. so it is better that you are well aware of the size of the mattress that you are looking for.


Single size mattress 

Single size mattress is the perfect size for a kid or a single adult it usually comes in the measurement of  (72X36)inches in length and width to(76X36) in length and width. 

Double size mattress 

These mattresses are available in the measurement of (72X48) to (72X60) inches. they aren’t exactly double the size of the previous size but it is suitable for a family consisting of two individuals only.

Queen size mattress 

The queen size mattress is efficient enough for a family of three individuals that are not fat and don’t have the habit of turning over in the sleep, it comes in the size of (72 X 60) to (78 X 60) inches.

King size mattress 

The king-size mattress is available in the size range of (72 X 72) to (78 X 72) inches. the king-size mattress is perfect for a family of three and this size, in particular, is among the most sought out size of the mattress throughout the world because everyone wants a comfortable mattress.

A mattresses thickness

The thickness of the mattress plays a crucial role in the selection of the mattress. people who sleep on the sides usually choose the softer mattress whereas people who sleep on their stomach and back should the choose the more thick mattress.

the body weight also plays a crucial role in the choice of the mattress the lighter the individual the softer the mattress should be whereas the heavier the individual the thicker the mattress is a better option.

The lifespan of a mattress 

Usually, a mattress lasts for about 7 years as per the usage but a lot of the life expectancy depends on the manufacturing material used for the mattress. if you opt for the right one maybe it can last even more than 7 years.

Ability to provide support 

Support providing the ability of a mattress is the most crucial part, a mattress should be able to support your spine and pelvis, it should not sink under the heavier parts of the human body.

most of the mattresses properly provide support in the early stages of its life but later on, most of them fail to do so.

Motion isolation

By motion isolation, we mean a mattress’s ability to absorb the motion of a body when someone moves on the bed.

if your mattress is not able to absorb the motion properly then the person sleeping beside you is going to face tons of issues as he won’t be able to sleep properly because of you constantly changing your sleeping position.

Ability to conform 

A mattress which lacks the conforming ability will ultimately end in a bad sleeping experience for you as it will not adjust itself as per your spine and pelvis, conforming ability of a mattress is very important as it helps to align the spine and pelvis of the body properly and results in an awesome sleeping experience and no back pain.

Air circulation 

Many of the mattresses tend s to trap the body heat of the individual sleeping on it which ultimately ends in the person feeling more warmer while sleeping on the mattress with time.

usually, we prefer to sleep in warm temperatures but it is problematic if it keeps on getting warmer day by day.

Mattress weight 

All the Mattress Weight a lot. they are heavy and almost impossible to lift by a single person, you need your whole family to move the mattress from one room to the other.

an average king size mattress weights at about 50 kilograms, whereas a double and single size mattress weight less than the king-size ones.

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So these were some of the things that you should keep in mind while looking for a mattress that suits your requirements perfectly.

Now let’s have a look at the various variations of sleep that are there and the requirements of the mattress. 


When you sleep on your sides you need proper support for your neck, back, and spine, otherwise the person can suffer from vicious neck pain. a mattress is supposed to support your neck and back in full measure to prevent the neck ache.

so that’s why a side sleeper should opt for a mattress that js soft to medium in firmness that would help to relieve pressure from the neck and the back area of the body. and buy the best mattress brand in India.

Side sleepers should avoid water mattresses as it will not be able to distribute the weight of the body evenly and spring mattress has a property of pushing the heaviest parts of the body which will lead to a less comfortable sleep. the soft foam mattress is the best option available for side sleepers.


When you sleep on your stomach it creates a lot of tension on your chest and abdominal area so to sleep properly the stomach sleepers should prefer soft mattresses (a memory foam mattress is a good option for stomach sleepers).

stomach sleepers should avoid spring mattresses as it tends to push back the heavy areas which can result in back pain.


There are tons of mattresses available in India but these are some of the most advertised mattress brand in India market today. 

  • Coir mattress
  • Spring mattress
  • Foam mattress
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Air bed mattress
  • Re-bonded foam mattress
  • Latex mattress

What is a Coir mattress?

Coir mattress was invented in India, these are made from coconut. coir, coir Best mattress brand is in India only.  coir mattress is among the cheapest mattresses available in the Indian market, however.

best mattress brand in India

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they are not as comfortable as the other options available like a memory foam mattress, latex mattress, and spring mattress.

One of the biggest issues faced by the coir mattress users is that the sag after some period of time, coir mattress lacks elasticity and they do not bounce back to their old shape as compared to other mattresses (like spring and foam mattresses), best mattress brand in India.

the average lifespan of a coir mattress is five years and lastly six years at maximum.

What is a Spring mattress? 

Spring mattress is a better option than coir mattress as it does not tends to sag after a long period of usage, these spring mattress also has motion isolation property which tends to reduce the transfer of motion as one person moves, so that it results in less disturbance for the other person.

best mattress brand in India

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It is usually considered to place a thin mattress over the spring mattress as it tends to cut through the mattress itself, so a mattress above he spring mattress enhances the experience of these mattresses and avoids any harm.

the usual lifespan of a spring mattress is around six years depending upon the usage.

But spring mattress lack in removing the motion transfer hence when you move while sleeping your partner also feels the movements that result in a disturbance during sleeping.

What is a Foam Mattress?

The foam mattress is amongst the most bought Best mattress brand in India. the mattress is filled with soft foams instead of coir so these are more comfortable than those coconut coir mattresses.

best mattress brand in India

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nowadays the various brands selling foam mattresses are adding a layer of foam inside it to make it even more comfortable experience for the buyer, but these foam mattresses also tend to cluster towards the end of their life span.

One of the greater disadvantages of this mattress is the air circulation the foam mattress usually stores the body heat and ends up being quite warm when a person sleeps on it, which result in tons of sweat and heat exhaustion, so it is not a suitable option for those who are heat sensitive,

What is a Memory foam mattress?

As the name suggests, this mattress is enabled to remember your sleeping posture even after you have left the bed, thanks to the open cell structure that enables the memory foam mattress to retain the pressure points even after you have been out of the bed.

best mattress brand in India

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the memory foam mattress is considered to be among the best mattress brand in India as they tend to be a good sleeping option for the side sleepers as well as the stomach sleepers.

this mattress is also relief from any spine pain, back pain, neck pain, hip pain and many others due to its memory of retaining the sleeping state.

But wait nothing comes with cons nowadays even the memory foam mattress, one of the biggest cons of it is that it is too soft so they tend to provide less support to the spine and other heavy parts of the body while sleeping.

Another disadvantage of the memory foam mattress is that it also retains quite a lot of head so sleeping on it also results in tons of sweat, so it is difficult for a person sensitive to a high temperature to sleep on it.

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What is an Airbed mattress? 

Airbed mattresses are a new trend, these are inflatable beds that can be used when there are some guests over at your place and can be folded and placed in a small place when not in use, these are among the lightest and comfortable options available when it comes to a mattress as well as easily portable too.

best mattress brand in India

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airbed mattress is made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). these mattresses are the best option to sleep on for people suffering from lower back pain. and buy the best mattress brand in India.

Airbed mattresses, however, are vulnerable when it comes to puncture and wounds.

What is a Re-bonded foam mattress?

The re-bonded foam mattress is a perfect alternative for coir mattresses as there are two types of foams glued together in it too (that is reclaimed foam and scrap foam).

best mattress brand in India

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It is also a cheap option for a mattress when compared to memory foam mattress and spring mattress and one of the most eco-friendly options available in the market as it uses waste material.

 What is a Latex mattress? 

Latex mattress consists of foam latex (which is secured from natural sources like rubber trees but in latex mattress latex produced synthetically is used) instead of foam.

best mattress brand in India


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a latex mattress provides relief and prevention form back and shoulder pain, it also contains natural bounciness and has temperature regulation properties which prevent excessive warmness during sleep.

The latex mattress is available in two types of Dunlop latex and Talalay latex. the default life span of these latex mattresses is about eight years or more depending on the use.

But these latex mattresses are quite the expensive ones, they are among the most expensive best mattress brand in India available in the market.

So these were the various types of best mattress brands in India market available. 

Now let’s take a look at some of the best mattress brands in the Indian market in the year 2019.  this list we’ve compiled is in no particular order.

  • Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-inch Spring Mattress 

Kurl- on mattress is quite the established brand in the country of India and this time they have just delivered again with the dream sleeP 6-inch spring mattress.

Kurl-on dream sleep 6-inch spring mattress is among the most comfortable spring mattress that you can find which will provide you with just the comfiest and painless sleep that you’ve been looking for.

Kurl -n dream sleep 6-inch mattress is available in various sizes and colors in the market. 

These mattress consists of spring as the primary material used to build it and it upper cover is made out of polycotton, which is going to serve the purpose of deep and the comfortable sleep for people of various age and sizes.

the Kurl-on dream sleep 6-inch mattress will reach your doorstep in a pre-assembled state which means that you won’t have to put in hours of work just to get your mattress in the order so that you can fall asleep on it in the night after hectic days of work.

the pocket spring makes this mattress comfortable to another extent whereas the knitted tapestry enhances the looks of the mattress to another extent.

arent these enough of the features that you seek in a mattress that you want to bring home that why Kurl-on mattress is among the best mattress brand in India.

  • SleepyCat – Gel Memory Foam Mattress (75x60x6 inches)

Most of you might have not heard the brand Sleepycat because they don’t do advertisements too much, they let their product do the talking and with this Gel Memory Foam Mattress (75x60x6 inches) they’ve just knocked the ball straight out of the park with the new gel memory foam feature that this mattress provides its customers with.

The firmness of the mattress ensures that you don’t get interrupted in the sleep when your partner decides to twist or turn whereas the gel memory foam provides the equitable distribution which results in sound and comfortable sleep.

Sleepycat provides you this mattress at a real reasonable and competitive price as the company has adopted a policy for removing various middleman which is more economical for the buyers and if your still not sure whether you want to spend your precious money on buying this mattress that sleepy cat also offers you a 30-day trial policy in which you can return the mattress and get a refund.

if your not satisfied with the quality of the mattress and they also provide a 10-year warranty which ensures that this has the life expectancy and great quality, the best mattress brand in India.

  • Wake-fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress 

The Wake-fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress consists of high-density foam which ensures a comfortable sleeping experience and also provides full back support so that you can wake up and not feel any back aches the next day.

this mattress comes with a cotton fabric cover that is easy to remove and easy to wash enhancing the mattress’s looks while making it amply soft and classy.

the Wake-fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress offers durability, comfort, and airflow which ensures that you have a rejuvenating sleeping experience and no back pain the next day.

the Wake-fit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is available in various shapes and sizes so that all your family members can have a sound and refreshing sleeping experience.

  • Wink & Nod Lounge – Essential Comfort cool-gel Memory Foam Mattress

Wink & Nod Lounge is among the best mattress brand in India proving the company it uses the certified foam and fabric certification for the mattresses that are CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX®. The  Wink & Nod Lounge – Essential Comfort cool-gel Memory Foam Mattress

provides the cool gel memory foam mattress which ensures that the mattress isn’t too warm so that it’s uncomfortable and it memorizes your sleeping position so that you don’t suffer from any sort of sleep disorder.

There are 4 layers in this mattress the first being the removable cover made out of the bamboo fiber, then comes the cool gel memory foam after that the high-density support foam and lastly the base layer to ensure the maximum support and airflow.

this mattress also comes with 100 days trial offer so that if you are not satisfied with the product then you can get a refund plus a warranty of 10 years is also there.

The  Wink & Nod Lounge – Essential Comfort cool-gel Memory Foam Mattress comes in an assembled state so that you won’t have to worry about the assembly of the mattress . as for the firmness of the mattress it offers average firmness of between 6 to 7.

  • Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress 

Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress is among the best mattress brand in India of the year 2020 as it ensures that you will have sound and peaceful sleeping experience free from back pains and sleeping disorders. this mattress comes with the easy to remove the premium quality cover in Euro finish and the mattress itself carries in it the 2-inch Visco memory foam developed by NASA.

This is one of the best mattresses options for you and your family if you are looking for a comfortable and spongy mattress in 2020. this mattress also has head sensitive material which is recommended for people suffering from spine injuries and severe backaches.

  • Nilkamal Value+ 4-Inch Foam Mattress

Nilkamal is among the earliest brand in India which provided quality mattresses and the still proved it with this Nilkamal Value+ 4-Inch Foam Mattress as it is among the best mattress brand in India in 2020.

The Nilkamal Value+ 4-Inch Foam Mattress is made from Evlon/lux foam primarily which provides a rejuvenating and refreshing sleeping experience

This mattress will reach your residence in a pre-assembled state and its a medium-firm mattress making it suitable for everyone, even if you are suffering from back pain or spine injuries. Neelkamal also provides a manufacturing warranty of 2 years for this mattress.

  • Sleepwell Enovation 5-inch Single Size Foam Mattress 

No conversation about a Best mattress brand in India cannot end without mentioning the brand Sleepwell as it is among the most renowned mattress brand in the country.

Sleepwell provides you the perfect mattress with the Sleepwell Enovation 5-inch Single Size Foam Mattress, this mattress offers awesome comfort and sleeping experience to its users.

The Sleepwell Enovation 5-inch Single Size Foam Mattress comes in a pre-assembled state and is of pearl white color.

This mattress is made up of springs to ensure maximum comfort experience. Sleepwell Enovation 5-inch Single Size Foam Mattress provides you the royal sleeping experience at the most reasonable price. and buy the best mattress brand in India.

  • The Flo Mattress- Ergo & Ortho Models

The night’s sleep is the only fortune of life that you need if you want to stay blissfull if your suffering from any sort of problems that are causing sleep disorders then we have just the right product for you.

The flat mattress is a six-inch mattress specifically designed to provide comfort to the maximum level and helps to remove all the stress and fatigue.

Available in two variants, the ergo mattress ensures that your body sleeps on an equally distributed level so that no part of the body feels aching in the morning.

The ergo version of the Flo mattress uses the proprietory foam which has been discovered by them after o=testing of over 120 combinations of various Foams.

the ergo mattress also has the ability to reach your body temperature also known as the temperature-sensitive function, it also comes with a cover made of 3 D space fabrics.

Now for the ortho variant, the focus of the ortho variant s the name reflects is focussed on people with back problems, made from the responsive foam and polyurethane it provides more back support so that you don’t suffer from back pain again in the near future.

Flo mattress provides you a 100 days trial period with these mattresses and a 10-year warranty on top of that which ensures that they are very confident about the product that they are providing to their customers.

the mattress is also available in various sizes including king, queen, and you can even order a customized size mattress if the standard sizes don’t fulfill your demands.

  • Foams India Brands Natural Latex Portable Mattress 

Available in various sizes and colors the Foams India Brands Natural Latex Portable Mattress is available in many online platforms just a click away. It is made from high-quality cotton that allows it to be rolled and stored in even the most minimum space, this mattress consists of its anti-bacterial properties that ensure that all the unwanted microorganisms stay away from it.

The Foams India Brands Natural Latex Portable Mattress arrives with a washable protector made out of rubber and high-quality rubber but one of the biggest drawbacks of the Foams India Brands Natural Latex Portable Mattress is that it doesn’t come in a pre-assembled state.

  • Coir fit Beetle 4-inch Double Size Coir Mattress 

The Coirfit Beetle 4-inch Double Size Coir Mattress is among the most sought after Best mattresses in India, its primary material is coir because of which it offers durability, more comfortable and affordable.

These mattresses are available in tons of colors and sizes which makes it more suitable to be bought by people who are just fed up with buying the white color mattresses.

it also comes in a pre-assembled state which makes it more likely to be bought as the buyer finds it more comfortable to have a pre-assemble mattress as compared to non-assemble one which requires more time and effort to be arranged.

The Coirfit Beetle 4-inch Double Size Coir Mattress comes in a double bed size without any divisions and at a low price which that leads to more demand bin the market as it a good quality mattress at a really low price, with best mattress brand in India.

So there you have it, folks, these were some of the best mattress brands in India in the year 2020 that you can definitely look into. If you are looking to buy a brand new and super comfortable mattress that’s going to enhance your sleeping experience to a  sound full and peacefull one in the night.

So that you can wake up the next day refreshed and rejuvenated and ready for the hardship that new day has to offer. and buy one of the best mattress brands in India.

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