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Trimmers are the compulsory element of men’s grooming kits. Lots of companies provide various types of trimmers in different ranges. If you’re looking for the Best Trimmer Under 1500 and got stuck in finding let’s of unsatisfactory products then this article is for you because here we’re going to discuss a detailed description of the best trimmers under 1500.

So, to know about the best trimmer under 1500 just stick to this article.

1.Philips BT3221/15 corded & cordless Titanium blade Beard Trimmer

Best Trimmer Under 1500

Philips is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of electric products. In this respect, their trimmers also attain premium quality on a low budget.

You can use this product as a corded trimmer or as well as cordless trimmer also.

The durability of this product is also superb. You can enjoy a complete package with lots of exciting features in these trimmer.

Now, let’s discuss the features of this product to know more about it.


Durability:- This durability of this product is superb. The blades of this product are Titanium coated which are specialized to give a fine and reliable trimming.

Performance:- You’ll get a premium quality performance with this product because it attains Dura Power technology which is used in most of the newly introduced products.

This will optimize the power consumption which ensures the long-lasting performance of your trimmer.

Power source:- You can use this trimmer with corded and cordless power sources.

This will increase the reliability of the product. This will easily provide 90 minutes backup in the charging of 1 hour.

Length settings:- You can enjoy 20 different length settings with this trimmer.

So, it will help you make the proper length adjustment of your trimmer for trimming.

Battery indicator:- You’ll also get a battery indicator that notifies you about the battery level of your trimmer. This will indicate 4 things Low battery/ Charging/Empty/Full.

Cleaning:- You can easily clean this trimmer by detaching the head of the blade. The blade of this product is titanium which also attains self-sharpening technology.

Travel Pouch:- You’ll also have a travel pouch which you can use to take your trimmer while traveling anywhere. This will increase the probability of the product.

Dimensions:- The dimensions of this product are 19.3 x 10 x 6.2 cm which attains the weight of 210 Grams.


  • 90 minutes backup in 1-hour charging.
  • Fast charging technology with Dual power technology ensures the list lasting performance of the product. 
  • 20 adjustable length. 
  • Usable as corded or cordless. 
  • Skin-friendly auto sharpening titanium blades. 
  • 1-year warranty by the manufacturer from the date of registration. 


  • This product is comparatively less Ergonomic. 

Verdict:- If you’re looking for the Best trimmer under 1500 then this product can be your ideal choice.

The customer ratings of this product are also impressive. This product will get 4.4 ratings out of 5.

If you want to buy this product then you can directly buy it through the link below. 

2.Philips BT3215/15 cordless beard trimmer

Best Trimmer Under 1500 in India

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If you’re not satisfied with the above product and want the best alternative of the above product then this product is for you.

This product attains an Ergonomic design and provides fine and reliable trimming to its users.

Now, let’s discuss the features of this product to know more about it.


Design:- The design of this product is an ergonomic design that provides a strong holding while using this trimmer.

With this feature, you can easily use this trimmer at places that are hard to reach.

Durability:- The durability of this product is superb.

This product attains titanium coated blades which provides reliable and effective trimming.

Dual Power Technology:- This beard trimmer attains Dual power technology which helps to optimize the power consumption of the trimmer.

This will provide long-lasting performance to your trimmer.

Blades:- The blades of this trimmer are made with titanium coating and also attain auto-sharpening technology.

Adjustable length setting:– You’ll get 20 different adjustable length settings in this trimmer.

Battery:- The battery performance of this trimmer is impressive but comparatively lesser than the above-discussed product.

This will provide 60 minutes backup in the charging time of 1hr.

Power Source:- This trimmer can be used with corded or cordless power sources.

This feature of this. Trimmer increases the efficiency of the product.

Cleaning:- The cleaning of this product is easy because this product attains a detachable head so you can easily clean the blades by detaching its head.

Travel pouch:- You’ll also get a traveling pouch which provides you the storage facility while traveling anywhere.

Dimensions:- The dimensions of this product are 12 x 6 x 24 cm which attains the weight of 367 Grams.

Accessories:- In the shipment package of this trimmer you’ll get a trimmer, a charger, and a user manual.


  • The design of this product is fully ergonomic which ensures a stronghold. 
  • 20 different adjustable length settings.
  • The detachable head provides an easy cleaning facility. 
  • Can be used as corded or cordless power sources. 
  • Travel pouch for proper storage in traveling. 
  • Auto-sharpening blade which is made with titanium coating. 
  • Dual power technology optimizes power consumption and provides lost lasting service. 


  • Battery life is comparatively less which provides only 60 minutes backup in 1 hr charging. 

Verdict:- If you ignore the drawback of lesser battery life then I can bet that you can’t find any product better than this.

The customer ratings of this product are also impressive which got 4.3 ratings out of 5.

If you want to buy this trimmer then you can buy it directly with the help of the link discussed below.


So, here we discussed the best trimmer under 1500.

All these products are genuine, certified, and completely safe to use.

You can choose one of the products as your ideal trimming tool and complete your grooming kit with them.

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