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Deborah Olaki, Mummy Zee Viral Story Trending On Twitter

Deborah Olaki, affectionately known as Mummy Zee, has become a social media sensation, particularly on Twitter, where her daily routine has stirred quite a buzz. The Nigerian woman, based in Lagos, shared her story of waking up at 4:50 AM daily, and it has ignited conversations among netizens. While some see her routine as commendable, others have criticized it.

Deborah Olaki viral story on Twitter

Deborah Olaki viral story on Twitter

Deborah Olaki, a Geophysics graduate, shared her journey from scarcity to sufficiency on her Twitter handle, Mummy Zee. She caught the attention of the online community on January 5, 2024, when she disclosed her habit of waking up early to pack lunch for her husband. This revelation prompted both praise and criticism from internet users.

Her routine is not a recent development, as Deborah Olaki has been waking up at 4:50 AM for several months. She explained that the decision to start waking up early came when her husband mentioned eating lunch with a colleague at work. This motivated her to ensure he had a homemade lunch, even though she initially had the option to remain lazy.

Deborah Olaki’s dedication to waking up early was further fueled by her husband’s comment about a colleague bringing food to work. Her decision to prepare lunch early in the morning aimed to avoid the potential friendliness of female colleagues who might bring food for her husband.

Deborah Olaki viral story on Twitter

Married to Abiola Adebisi, a classroom science teacher who studied Mathematics, Deborah Olaki expressed her belief that her husband deserves the best in life. Financial constraints have been a concern for her husband, and her wishes for a small bedside fridge and a new mattress were shared on Twitter in November 2023.

Her Christmas wishes remained unfulfilled until she shared her story of waking up early. The positive response from Twitter users resulted in gifts, money, job offers, and more. Notably, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Ltd (NNPCL) and Kuda Bank, a fintech company in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, contributed financially, with Kuda Bank pledging a gift worth N2 million.

Deborah Olaki’s story has become a heartening example of the power of social media, where the online community rallied to support her and fulfill her wishes. As her story continues to unfold, it showcases the impact of sharing personal experiences on a public platform.

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