Lital Shemesh Photos Goes Viral On Twitter And Reddit

      Lital Shemesh

      In a recent development, Israeli anchor Lital Shemesh has become the center of media attention due to a viral photo showing her carrying a gun during a live show. This incident took place in response to an attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, 2023, which led many individuals to take up arms for personal protection.

      Who is Lital Shemesh?

      Lital Shemesh, a 34-year-old reporter and journalist with an MA in American Jewish Studies, has been deeply affected by terrorism, having lost family members—Shay Silas Nigrekar and his son Aviad—in a previous attack. Details about her marital status remain undisclosed.

      Known for her role as a right-leaning host on Channel 14, Lital Shemesh has been a vocal supporter of her country during the Hamas attack. The viral photos of her holding a gun have sparked a significant debate on social media. In the image, she is seated with a gun discreetly tucked at the back of her pants, strategically placed alongside a microphone receiver and other equipment.

      Lital Shemesh photos goes viral

      Additionally, a male reporter seated next to her is also seen with a similar object behind his back, prompting speculation among users that it might be another firearm.

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