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      Tokischa Viral Video

      Tokischa stole the spotlight as she took center stage while Madonna prepared to perform her 2005 hit ‘Hung Up.’ The dynamic rapper engaged with the audience, creating a memorable moment that quickly became a social media sensation.

      Tokischa Viral Video controversy

      Tokischa Viral Video

      This isn’t Tokischa’s first venture into controversy; she previously made headlines by sharing a kiss with Rosalia during their collaboration on the track ‘Linda.’ The lyrics of the song boldly proclaim, “Las amigas que se besan son la mejor compañía,” translating to “friends who kiss are the best company.” Tokischa and Rosalia’s collaboration extended to Madonna’s successful album ‘Motomami’ with the track ‘La combi Versace.’

      Evidently, Tokischa shares a close friendship with Madonna, as revealed on Instagram Stories after their collaboration. The two artists took selfies and recorded in the studio, with Madonna acknowledging the tireless work of women in her stories.

      Watch: Dominican Singer Tokischa Viral Video Link 1

      Originally from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, the 26-year-old star faced financial struggles, working various jobs, including modeling, to make ends meet. Tokischa bravely shared her past experience as a se-x worker during those challenging early years.

      Her breakthrough came at the age of 20 when she showcased her musical talent during a photo shoot for a magazine in the Dominican Republic. This caught the attention of producer Raymi Paulus, leading to her first recording contract with Paulus Music.

      In 2018, Tokischa made her debut with the song ‘Picala,’ featuring Dominican singer Tivi Gunz. The following year, she contributed to the soundtrack of ‘Miss Bala: Merciless.’

      Continuing her ascent in the music industry, Tokischa achieved success with collaborations like ‘Estilazo’ with Marshmello and stirred more controversy with her feature in a song alongside J Balvin. The rapper’s journey continues to unfold, making waves and leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

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