Richard Gadd Viral Video

      richard gadd viral video

      You know, it’s really quite something when you realize that the main character in “Baby Reindeer,” Donny Dunn, is actually based on the real-life struggles of Richard Gadd. He went through this harrowing experience with a stalker that just turned his world upside down. Donny’s basically Gadd’s alter ego, which might explain why there are so many parallels between them (I’ll get into that later). Now, Martha, she’s a bit different.

      She’s more of a mix of fiction and reality, filling in the gaps in the story to get across what Gadd wanted to say. And hey, Gadd changed his stalker’s name before putting his story out there as a solo stage play and a Netflix series with the same title. He didn’t want to hurt “his” Martha in any way. And let’s face it, in today’s online world, who knows what kind of trouble trolls could stir up for her?

      Richard Gadd’s Life Story

      Richard Gadd viral video

      Richard Gadd’s life story starts out a bit like the beginning of the show. You’ve got him working in a London bar, just trying to make ends meet. He’s from Scotland, born on May 11, 1989, and he’s always had a thing for performing. So, like many dreamers, he heads to the big city to try his luck, taking on odd jobs to get by, much like Donny does. It’s in his late twenties when he first encounters his stalker, in the very bar he’s working at. He offers her a cup of tea, trying to be nice, and next thing you know, she’s all over him. Sending emails, tweets, Facebook messages—you name it. She even sends him a stuffed reindeer, which becomes her pet name for Gadd.

      This all happens while Richard Gadd’s riding high on the success of his play, “Monkey See Monkey Do,” which scored big at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2016. He’s still performing it in London when Martha starts bombarding him with messages, craving his love and approval. But here’s the thing, Gadd never spills how Martha got his number. However, finding his email, Twitter, and Facebook wasn’t exactly rocket science.

      She even shows up at his shows and his doorstep, and Gadd feels powerless because the cops can’t—or won’t—do much about it, just like in the Netflix series. So, he shuts down his social media and sticks to Instagram. But Martha doesn’t stop there; she goes after Gadd’s family, making some really nasty accusations. But the cops need more than just her being a nuisance to take action.

      Richard Gadd Viral Video

      “Baby Reindeer” pulls from Gadd’s earlier works, especially “Monkey See Monkey Do,” where he talks about being sexually assaulted at a party back in 2012, right when he was getting started in the industry. It’s likely that’s the basis for Donny’s abuser, Darrien O’Conner, and how that trauma sticks with him. Teri, on the other hand, seems to be a made-up character. Gadd, who identifies as bisexual, has faced his own struggles, feeling judged as Donny does in society.

      In real life, Gadd turns his ordeal into a play, which finally puts him on the map in the theater world. And just like in the show, there’s this moment when his breakdown on stage goes viral, thanks to Martha’s constant barrage of messages.

      According to the series, Martha comes into Donny’s life in 2015 and doesn’t leave until 2017, when she’s finally arrested for stalking him and harassing his family. In real life, it’s pretty much the same story—Richard Gadd’s inbox is flooded with Martha’s messages, but the cops don’t see it as a big deal. So, he keeps listening, hoping to catch something he can use against her. And it seems like he eventually does, getting her out of his life for good. But here’s where reality and the show part ways: Gadd doesn’t reconcile with Martha. Instead, he turns his nightmares into a stage show, spending years perfecting it.

      He listens to Martha’s messages to make sure he gets her side right, not turning her into some monster. And at the end of the show, he reveals Martha’s troubled past, showing that predatory behavior often stems from deep-rooted issues. It’s a powerful message, and Gadd finally gets to share it when he performs his play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019. These days, he’s in London, working on his next big project for the BBC, called “Lions.”

      Fun fact: Richard Gadd used to announce wrestling matches, so it’s possible that his show “Hangman Harry,” featured in the Netflix series, draws from his real-life experiences. He’s also a screenwriter, with a credit on Netflix’s “Sex Education.” And he’s an ambassador for We Are Survivors, helping male survivors of sexual assault.

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