Herlene Budol Viral Video Link

      Herlene Budol Viral Video Link

      Actress and beauty queen Herlene Budol recently addressed the speculation sparked by a viral video, where some netizens questioned whether she was wearing a bottom cover during a recent livestream.

      Herlene Budol seemed to embrace a more laid-back approach, as observed in a recent Facebook livestream that caught her in what some dubbed a “pantless” moment.

      Herlene Budol Viral Video
      Herlene Budol Viral Video

      While going bottomless seems to be a trend in Hollywood these days, the current Miss Philippines Tourism 2023 titlist found herself at the center of attention due to the now-viral video. Followers and netizens speculated that she intentionally showcased her bottomless state to stir up conversation.

      In a brief clip, Herlene Budol is seen abruptly standing up during the live video, momentarily revealing the lower half of her body beneath her white peplum tube top.

      Upon realizing that her viewers may have caught a glimpse of her semi-nude state, she promptly returned to her seat and asked her companion, “Can you check, was it visible?”

      Budol clarified that there was “nothing wrong” with her actions, emphasizing that she was not nude as she was wearing undergarments. She refuted claims of deliberate exposure made by some netizens. Taking to Facebook, Budol attributed the incident to “human error,” recalling her experiences during pageants where she wore even less attire.

      Herlene Budol Viral Video Link

      “Is it such a big deal over underwear?” she pondered. “Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with the panty issue. I’ve strutted on stage wearing swimsuits that barely cover, so what’s the fuss about panties now? Well, it’s all part of being human, and remember, mistakes are human.”

      The live stream garnered extensive reactions from netizens and was shared across various online platforms. Meanwhile, Herlene Budol previously made headlines for her steamy exchanges with co-star Rob Gomez, which went viral last year. The screenshots of their conversations sparked a flurry of comments from internet users.

      Currently, Herlene Budol is involved in GMA’s productions “Black Rider” and “Bubble Gang.”

      In a separate development, Iloilo 1st District Rep. Janette Garin, formerly Secretary of Health, suggested that women refrain from wearing underwear at home during extreme hot weather to prevent discomfort in genital areas.

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