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Drake Meat Video Watch Twitter

The internet has been buzzing with reactions to the recent Drake Meat Video leak, and as you might expect, Twitter has been anything but subtle.

We’ve seen many sides of Drake, but this latest leak has revealed more than just his music and occasional feuds. Dubbed the “Drake meat leak,” the viral video supposedly shows the rapper nude from the waist down, giving a whole new meaning to the term “meat leak.”

Drake Meat Video

Drake Meat Video

The video first surfaced on Twitter/X and went viral almost immediately, although the source of the clip is still unknown. Even though it was taken down quickly—likely by Twitter’s moderation team—new versions of the video soon popped up.

For those scouring the internet, you’ll find that the video has largely been scrubbed. But the buzz around Drake’s so-called ‘soft-boi’ image suggests it’s not as soft as some might think.

The authenticity of the video hasn’t been confirmed, and Drake has remained silent on the matter. A fake Instagram story allegedly showing Drake joking about “hiding the world” from his manhood was debunked. The only near-confirmation came from internet streamer Adin Ross, who mentioned that he asked Drake about the leak and got a reply of laughing emojis.

Drake Meat Video

Drake’s silence has only fueled speculation, with internet detectives concluding that the video was filmed on his private plane based on background audio. Owning a private plane apparently comes with some interesting perks, including creating viral moments.

Twitter/X has erupted with responses, from hilarious memes to some that are a bit more questionable. The internet’s collective thirst has been on full display.

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