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Fahad Haydra Video Viral on Social Media


You might have heard the name Fahad Haydra circulating on TikTok and Twitter recently. If you don’t know Fahad Haydra, who has gone viral on these platforms, fear not. Let’s dive into it in this article.

Fahad Haydra came into the limelight after his involvement in a controversial film directed by Anggy Umbara, which hit cinema screens on Tuesday, August 5th. In the film, Fahad portrays Egi, an antagonist involved in a storyline concerning sexual violence against Vina, leading to her demise in 2016. Expressing his discontent with Egi’s character, who remains unpunished by the authorities, Fahad voiced his frustration, stating, “For Egi, you’re in for it, bro.

If you have any courage, you’ll come forward after this film hits theaters,” as cited by a media outlet on Wednesday, May 15th.

To learn more about Fahad Haydra’s background and profile, let’s explore the details below.

Who is Fahad Haydra?

Fahad Haydra video

Fahad Haydra, an Indonesian actor of Arab descent, bears the surname “Haydra.” In an interview on the YouTube channel Podjoke Kamar, he disclosed that both his parents have Arab ancestry, and he is the youngest of four siblings.

Prior to gaining fame as an actor, Fahad garnered attention for a dance cover he performed on the TikTok platform in 2020, which went viral. The video, showcasing Fahad in a high school uniform, garnered over 3.7 million views.

Fahad Haydra Video Viral on Social Media

“Vina Before 7 Days” isn’t Fahad’s debut on-screen appearance. He previously portrayed the character Felix in the television series titled “Dari Window of SMP” in June 2020. He has also starred in the films “Jin & Jun” and a romantic tale about the 2024 presidential candidate, Anies Baswedan, titled “Smile Manies Love Story.”

About the Fahad Haydra Viral Video

The video in question, currently a hot topic of discussion, captures a scene from Fahad Haydra’s official TikTok account. In the video, Fahad engages in an action or comedic sketch, eliciting laughter from viewers. This video successfully captured the attention of numerous TikTok users and eventually spread to other platforms like Twitter.

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