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Video Viral Mahasiswa Unja Jambi

Mahasiswa Unja Jambi is in a state of uproar due to the widespread circulation of a scandalous video known as ‘Delicious Yank,’ which has captivated the attention of the online community.

This video has rapidly spread among the public, sparking discussions at Jambi University (UNJA) and across numerous social media platforms.

Video Viral Mahasiswa Unja Jambi

Video Viral Mahasiswa Unja Jambi

The video’s influence has reached beyond Jambi, making its way to Kerinci and Sungai Banyak as well. Rumors suggest that one of the individuals in the video is a former President of the UNJA Student Council (Presma).

A student who viewed the video, according to Mahasiswa Unja Jambi, mentioned that although the identity of the person couldn’t be confirmed, the individual in the video bore a strong resemblance to a past UNJA Presma from previous terms.

Many netizens on various social media accounts have also weighed in, asserting the male actor’s identity.

“That’s definitely the former Presma Unja,” commented a netizen on a prominent media account. Similar assertions were made by many others.

Jambi Ekspres’ investigation revealed that the video features a young couple in a room, although the exact setting—whether it is a dormitory, private residence, or other accommodation—remains unknown.

However, the room’s decor, including dolls and pink blankets, suggests it is a female’s room.

The scandalous video’s circulation has brought allegations against the former UNJA Student President and a female student, prompting an immediate response from the university.

Video Viral Mahasiswa Unja Jambi

UNJA Chancellor Prof. Helmi, SH, MH, via the Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs, indicated that no formal report had yet confirmed whether the individuals involved are current UNJA students.

“We have not received any reports from the faculty regarding the student in question,” stated Fauzi Syam on Friday, May 17, 2024.

He added that it remains unclear if the video involves current or former UNJA students, as the academic community lacks detailed information.

“Are they actively studying at UNJA, or are they alumni?” he questioned. He further stated that a thorough investigation would be undertaken concerning the circulated video.

“If it is confirmed that the individual is still an active student, we will take stringent actions to address the situation and provide the necessary guidance to those involved.”

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