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New American rapper Rylo Huncho tragically died last Friday after accidentally shooting himself in the head while showing a gun on social media. The incident, which was broadcast live, is forever recorded online, leaving a haunting reminder of the dangers of improper handling of firearms.

Such is the case with new Virginia rapper Rylo Hancho. Known for his firearms, a green laser gun, and a flashlight, Rilo’s life suddenly took a senseless turn in a TikTok video. Apparently, during a school break, the 17-year-old turned on the camera, shook the gun, then pulled the trigger. The gun pointed at his head went off as he expected, ending his promising career, and reminding him of gun safety.

Video Rylo Huncho Twitter

Video Rylo Huncho Twitter

On Thursday, 17-year-old Railo Hancho, real name Raleigh Freeman III, tragically shot himself while shooting a TikTok video at his home in Virginia. In a video posted on Instagram Stories, Huncho can be seen manipulating the weapon while displaying a laser and flashlight. At one point, he pointed the gun at his head and said, “Fuck you blacks.” He pulled the trigger and was fatally wounded.

After the incident, Railo’s cousin created a GoFundMe page to help pay for his funeral expenses, noting that his death had been ruled a “suicide/accident”. She emphasized the profound loss of her single mother, who always went out of her way to care for her only son.

Who is Rylo Huncho?

Rylo Huncho, whose real name was Richard Patterson, was a budding rap artist from Virginia. Despite his emerging career, he had garnered a modest but loyal following on music and social media platforms. On Spotify, he had just 680 monthly listeners, while his Instagram account boasted over 26,000 followers. His Instagram, now flooded with messages of condolences, is a testament to the impact he had on his fans and the void his untimely death has left in the community.

“My aunt recently lost her 17-year-old son to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head,” the GoFundMe post read. “He was his only son! She was a single mother but cared for her son as best she could. Please keep my family in your prayers.”

The sad news was shared by Huncho’s friend Twin Porter on Facebook. “Receiving the news of his death is heartbreaking, and hearing you speak ill of Raley is wrong on every level,” Porter wrote. “Please, God, give his mother the strength to deal with the intense pain.”

Video Rylo Huncho Twitter

The Video Rylo Huncho incident sparked a lot of comments on social media about the importance of firearms education. YouTuber Amiri King has argued that gun safety training is mandatory, especially in high-crime areas. “That’s why I don’t want to take guns seriously,” King said. “I would like to be required to have a gun safety program taught at neighborhood and/or high crime rates. I think teaching 2A, with respect to firearms would put an end to this kind of stupidity,” he said.

The untimely death of Rilo Huncho underscores the urgent need for gun safety education. While these measures may seem boring compared to the colorful content on social media, they are necessary to prevent unnecessary tragedies and ensure longer safer lives.

While Rilo Huncho will be greatly missed by his loved ones, Rilo Huncho’s legacy may lie in his death’s poignant warning of the serious consequences of ignoring basic gun safety.

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