Farkhunda Malikzada Real Video

      Farkhunda Malikzada Real Video


      The tragic death of Farkhunda Malikzada on March 19 has left his family in a state of constant suffering. Mohammad Nader Malikzada, his 72-year-old father, expressed the many experiences in their lives and regretted not being able to resume normalcy. Normal activities such as going to school, college, or shopping have become an insurmountable challenge.

      The psychological impact is huge, with many family members struggling with mental health issues under the weight of the pressure. trouble.

      Farkhunda Malikzada Family

      Farkhunda Malikzada Real Video

      The situation worsened for Farkhunda Malikzada’s family when the Court of First Instance of Afghanistan allowed the release of 37 of the 49 convicts pending their appeals. This decision is even more worrying, considering the family’s testimony that the original punishments were very light. Farkhunda’s murder stemmed from false accusations at a Kabul mosque, leading to a deadly attack witnessed by police.

      The brutal assault, which included beatings, throwing from the roof, car attacks, and burning, was captured on cell phones, sparking outrage. Later protests in support of women’s rights and judicial reform emphasized public grievances against injustice.

      Farkhunda Malikzada Real Video

      Despite the initial unity, the Farkhunda family now feels lonely and vulnerable. Fearing reprisals from bailiffs or law enforcement, they rarely go out, disrupting their daily lives. The lack of work and education for adults and children increases their plight, raising concerns about illiteracy among younger generations.

      Bibi Hajira, Farkhunda’s mother, voiced the family’s plea for justice and security, lamenting their powerlessness in the face of hardship. While they received sympathy from First Lady Rula Ghani, who acknowledged the violence in society reflected in the Farkhunda tragedy, the legal proceedings had mixed results. Although some were convicted, many were acquitted or received light sentences, making the family suffer even more.

      Who is Farkhunda Malikzada?

      Farkhunda Malikzada is a young woman from Afghanistan whose tragic death has received international attention. He was falsely accused of burning a Quran by a vendor in a Kabul mosque, which led to a violent attack on him. Despite the presence of the police, he was assaulted, thrown from the roof, run into a car, and eventually killed. His murder sparked outrage and protests, with a growing demand for justice and reform in African societies.

      Mohammad Malikzada’s heartfelt thoughts cover the family’s grief and inability to come to terms with their loss. The memories of Farkhunda pervade every aspect of their lives, even the simplest of tasks can’t be reminded of their troubles. As they continue to struggle with their suffering, the Malikzada family’s plea for justice and security reflects the broader call for accountability and reform in African society.

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