Serwaa Amihere Leak Video

      Serwaa Amihere leak video

      Journalist Serwaa Amihere has broken her silence for the first time since a close-up video of her surfaced on social media, sparking a wave of controversy and speculation.

      Serwaa Amihere leak video

      Serwaa Amihere Leak Video 1

      The video, which shows Serwaa Amihere in bed with a man named Henry Fitz, has sparked various speculations and rumors. Some say the video was recorded in 2019, before Fitz got married, while others say Amihere attended Fitz’s wedding as a guest and later had an affair with him. These stories led to the condemnation and exile of Amihere, because of his prominent position in society.

      In a statement shared on his social media account on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, Amihere apologized for the embarrassment he caused his family, employees, loved ones, businesses and the brands he represents. change. He confirmed that the photo was taken five years ago and explained that it was released after five months of threats and extortion, despite efforts by the police to resolve the situation.

      Amihere admitted to underestimating the extent of his influence and the consequences of his actions at the time. He expressed his remorse for the incident and stated that he learned important lessons from the incident.

      Serwaa Amihere Leak Video 2

      After the incident, there were calls for Amihere to be suspended or fired by his employer, the EIB Network. However, the company announced that it is conducting an independent investigation and will publish its findings. In addition, the police have arrested three people in connection with the leaked video: Edem Savior Ketti, Candylove Kwakyewaa Ababio, and Henry Amponsah (Henry Fitz). They are facing charges related to sexual activity and willful distribution of a video recording of Amihere.

      The charges against the defendant include conspiracy to commit a crime, incitement to sexual activity, as well as distribution of sexually explicit material without permission. agreement, etc. In the investigation by the police, it was found that the accused asked for money from Serwaa Amihere in exchange for not sharing the picture publicly. Despite receiving the requested money, the defendant proceeded to publish the video.

      Efforts are underway to arrest Henry Fitz, who is currently guilty. Investigations into the case are ongoing as authorities work to bring those responsible to justice.

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