UPDATE: Finesse2Tymes Twitter video sparks outrage online

      Finesse2tymes and Fng Shugga Video Goes Viral


      American rapper Finesse2Tymes has recently made headlines, not for his music, but due to a controversial video that has gone viral. The explicit content has taken the internet by storm, overshadowing other viral news and sparking a frenzy among netizens.

      In this article, we delve into the details of the leaked video and the subsequent backlash, providing insights and answers to the questions swirling around this incident.

      Rapper Finesse2Tymes

      Finesse2Tymes, known for his music and raps, left netizens shocked after the emergence of an explicit video featuring the rapper.

      This viral video has created a social media stir, capturing widespread attention and curiosity. As a result, many questions have arisen, and we aim to address them comprehensively in the following sections.

      Finesse2Tymes Twitter video

      While Finesse2Tymes previously made headlines for his admission of being in a polyamorous relationship with three girlfriends, this leaked video adds another layer to the controversy.

      However, the rapper has not directly responded to the explicit content, leaving fans and viewers curious about the identities and context portrayed in the video.

      According to reports, the American rapper is seen engaging in intimate activities with a woman who appears to be unrelated to his three girlfriends.

      The explicit nature of the video has caused significant disturbance among viewers, leading to backlash and criticism. Netizens expressed their disapproval, commenting on the rapper’s lack of self-respect and sharing their shock at specific moments within the video.


      The leaked video involving Finesse2Tymes has undeniably sparked controversy and drawn widespread attention. While the rapper has addressed his polyamorous relationship publicly, he has remained silent regarding the explicit content.

      The aftermath of the video’s release has generated a wave of criticism and backlash from netizens. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how Finesse2Tymes will address this controversy and its impact on his music career.

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