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Video viral kendari 2 menit 27 detik

The viral video in Kendari lasts 2 minutes 27 seconds containing material from a minimarket cashier woman and her lover snuggling comfortably in the room.

All eyes are now on the viral video in Kendari that lasts 2 minutes and 27 seconds. This delicious overlapping scene has become new entertainment for netizens.

Previously, netizens were amused by the viral video recording of a veiled woman in the Ciwidey tea garden, lasting 39 seconds. This time a new entertainment has appeared.

The figure of the viral video actor in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, who works as a minimarket cashier looks very beautiful. White and smooth skin exposed quite clearly.

With the heart’s intention to record delicious overlapping actions for personal collections, now the viral video footage of the minimarket cashier and her husband has even become consumption among netizens.

The rice has turned to mush, now the Kendari Southeast Sulawesi viral video link has gone viral freely on Twitter and many people have downloaded it.

The following is a chronology and reasons why the viral video in Kendari, lasting 2 minutes 27 seconds, leaked to the point of being watched by millions of human eyes on social media networks.

Who are the Viral Video Players in Kendari?

The Kendari Southeast Sulawesi viral video actor is a woman who works as a minimarket cashier with her lover who is now officially her husband.

The female lead in Kendari’s viral video has finally been revealed. The female figure in the 2 minute 27 second video is from Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi named A (23).

This beautiful woman who played a viral video in Kendari is a cashier who works at a mini market in Puuwatu, Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi.

In the aftermath of the viral video of her hot scene on social media, this woman who worked as a minimarket cashier finally apologized to the public.

Tuesday (9/5/2023), the apology was delivered along with the male actor who became his partner in the viral video with the initials R (21) at the Kendari Police Headquarters.

Although the two actors in the Kendari viral video apologized, both admitted that they were not the propagators of the 2 minute 27 second viral video.

“Our apologies for disturbing the residents of Kendari City for the circulation of a video that is not good,” he said reading a piece of paper together.

It is known that A and R are the actors in the exciting video that went viral in Kendari. However, both admitted that they did not spread the video of the hot scene.

In a statement delivered at the Kendari Police Headquarters, both A and R admitted that the viral video, which lasted 2 minutes 27 seconds, was distributed by other parties.

“Basically, we did not intend to spread the video, but there were other parties who deliberately spread the video,” they explained.

The other parties in question have been reported to the police. In fact, the suspected figure of spreading their exciting video has also been secured by the Kendari Police.

“We handed over this case to the authorities because I have reported it and the perpetrators have been arrested. Thank you,” said A and R added.

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