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Jenna Ortega Kissing Scene Video Viral on Twitter

Jenna Ortega’s interpretation of the lesbian kiss scene in the recently released film “The Miller’s Girl” caused a sensation on Twitter over the weekend (February 3-4), prompting an avalanche of reactions from users who shared the steamy clip.

In this scene, Jenna Ortega, known for her role on Wednesday, kisses her co-star Gideon Adlon in the film, a 2024 dark comedy-drama directed by Jade Halley Bartlett. In Miller’s Girl, Ortega plays Cairo Sweet, a precocious young student who becomes embroiled in a complex and contentious relationship with her teacher Jonathan Miller, played by Martin Freeman.

Jenna Ortega Kissing Scene

jenna ortega kissing scene

In the viral video, Jenna Ortega and Adlon are seen smiling before Ortega asks if Adlon is ready, which leads to an intense kiss between the two. While many LGBTQ+ fans were hoping for a kinky romance between Ortega’s character Wednesday and her roommate Enid Sinclair, played by Emma Myers, that story has yet to materialize.

Speculation about Jenna Ortega’s sexual orientation has been fueled by a viral video of her allegedly excitedly pointing at a lesbian flag and then at herself. However, the video was debunked by a Twitter user named Biel, who clarified that Ortega was actually gesturing towards her cosplay taken at Comic Con Experience 2022 in Brazil on Wednesday.

Rumors surrounding Jenna Ortega and all things lesbian may explain why the “Miller’s Girl” video, released in theaters on January 26, 2024, gained popularity when it was tweeted by an account called SWB on February 3.

A tweet titled “WHAT did Jenna Ortega do?” garnered over 11,000 retweets and reached approximately 30 million users. However, the lesbian kiss scene wasn’t the only one from “Miller’s Girl” that played on the platform. Another sexual scene was also published involving Ortega and her teacher, played by Martin Freeman.

Among the many responses to both clips, some criticized the overly sexualized reaction on the platform, especially given Ortega’s age (21) and the number of young fans she has.

One user tweeted: “Does Jenna Ortega tend to do risqué scenes in movies? Where were you guys when X came out? Seriously, stop ripping your shirts off like cavemen and drink a glass of water.” Others expressed discomfort with the scene involving Ortega and her teacher.

It remains to be seen whether the viral clips will impact the film’s box office performance. On review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, only 35% of reviews are positive, with an average rating of 5.3/10. The website’s consensus reads: “Despite a pair of talented stars and a central concept that has some real weight, The Miller’s Girl’s shallow storytelling rings hollow.”

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