Popular Streamer Konvy Anut Video Viral on Twitter

      konvy aunt video viral

      Konvy, the popular streamer, has been sharing live streams with his aunt, Ashley, who happens to be an OnlyF model. They’ve collaborated on various content, including video chatting with random strangers online. However, Konvy’s chat often takes an inappropriate turn, with the audience making remarks towards Ashley. Even fellow streamer Adin Ross tried to pull a stunt by flashing her live on stream.

      Konvy Anut Video Viral

      Popular Streamer Konvy Anut Video Viral on Twitter

      Ashley has interacted with several other streamers who make appearances on Konvy’s streams. Unfortunately, her OnlyF career becomes a target for teasing Konvy. Recently, Cheesur even showed Konvy an Hot photo of Ashley to put an end to the banter. Since then, Ashley’s Only-Fans account has become a recurring joke among Konvy’s audience.

      Adding to the mix, a member of Konvy’s Discord played a trick on him, showing him an hot video of Ashley taken from her Only-Fans account. In a recent livestream, while interacting with his audience through Discord, Konvy unintentionally clicked on a meme featuring his friend Jake in the back seat of a car. The video began with the caption, “Jake lands in Miami for ssb 24 hours.” Konvy jokingly commented on the video, but it took an unexpected turn, transitioning into Ashley’s explicit video with EDM playing in the background.

      Konvy’s initial smile vanished, replaced by a serious expression. He quickly closed Discord and addressed his audience, emphasizing that such incidents are not funny. He expressed frustration, calling his audience annoying and making it clear that the situation was far from humorous. Konvy even directed a stern message to the creator of the video, stating that if he ever came across them, he would “beat the hell out of him.”

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