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Nicki Minaj Released from Custody in the Netherlands

Nicki Minaj was released from custody on Saturday after being detained by Dutch authorities on suspicion of exporting soft drugs. The rapper was fined and subsequently allowed to continue traveling, police confirmed in a translated post on Channel X around 4 p.m. THIS.

Nicki Minaj Released from Custody

Nicki Minaj Released from Custody in the Netherlands

Minaj, 41, was heading to Manchester, England from Amsterdam for a concert as part of her Pink Friday 2 world tour when she was arrested. According to Live Nation UK, her scheduled performance at the Co-op Live arena in Manchester on Saturday night has been postponed due to the incident.

“Despite Nicki’s best efforts to explore all possible options for hosting tonight’s show, today’s events have made this impossible,” the company said, expressing disappointment at the inconvenience. They assured fans that tickets for the rescheduled concert would remain valid.


Although the police did not officially name the person arrested, their representative confirmed the fact that a 41-year-old American woman was detained at Schiphol Airport for possession of soft drugs. When asked, the spokesperson did not deny that it was Minaj.

In a social media post early Sunday morning local time, Minaj said she arrived at her hotel in Manchester shortly after. “After sitting in a prison cell for 5-6 hours, my plane didn’t take off for another 20 minutes as soon as I boarded the 50-minute flight from Amsterdam,” she wrote.

Nicki Minaj Released from Custody in the Netherlands

Minaj offered her deepest apology, writing, “Please, please accept my deepest and most sincere apology. They knew exactly how to hurt me today, but this too shall pass.”

The rapper noted that she hopes to announce a reschedule for Saturday’s show soon, citing possible dates in June and July. She also confirmed her intention to perform a second show in Manchester on Thursday and continue her show in Birmingham on Sunday as planned.

“I will find a way to not only combine the date of the show but also create an additional bonus for everyone who has tickets to this show. I promise,” Minaj assured her fans.

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