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What happened to Luisa Mell? Luisa Mell Viral Video

On Tuesday (2), animal activist Luisa Mell alarmed her followers by sharing a distressing situation on her social media platforms, where she appeared alongside a bloodied man, urgently seeking help. At the time, she disclosed that she was in Ilhabela, located on the coast of São Paulo, and expressed frustration that the local SAMU (Emergency Medical Service) did not promptly respond to assist the injured man.

Consequently, she turned to her social networks to seek aid. Subsequently, she sent an audio message to journalist Leo Dias to provide details about the incident.

In the audio recording, Luisa Mell began by updating that the unidentified man had been rescued by SAMU and was expected to be in the hospital. “I don’t know him, actually. I’m in a condominium, there are some houses, and my stepson’s dog went there.

I went to get it, and then I saw the guy all bloody, lying down,” she explained. She speculated that he seemed to be intoxicated and had fallen, with some glass breaking on top of him. “It broke inside the arm, you know? I think it’s right in the vein. In fact, I’m not even a doctor, but I know that it’s very important,” she remarked.

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Luisa Mell

Continuing, Luisa Mell expressed concern about the severity of the man’s injuries, noting that his arm was injured in two places, and if the bleeding didn’t cease, it could be life-threatening. She described the urgency of the situation, recounting her actions to stop the bleeding. “Blood was gushing, and I did what I thought I had to do,” she said, acknowledging the intense nature of such moments.

The animal activist had to resort to social media stories to plea for help from local authorities during the incident. “Please, someone from Ilhabela, help me! It’s SAMU here in Ilhabela, it’s not coming. I know I can count on you; there’s someone here in a very bad way. We’re stopping the bloodshed here, but I don’t know how to do that.

Please help me, anyone who can, call us, call SAMU, mayor of Ilhabela, please help me, guys!” she urgently appealed. Following the incident, Luisa Mell used her social media platforms to update her followers, reassuring them that the situation had been resolved satisfactorily. The identity of the man involved was not disclosed.

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