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Oliver Tree Belle Delphine Viral Video Trends on Twitter

On 18th November 2022, Singer and a highly popular comedian posted a short video on his TikTok handle which he later posted on various other social media accounts. This video went viral and got millions of views with millions of likes too.

Oliver Tree Belle Delphine Video Viral

Plenty of people who just heard about the video are curious to know about it. If you’re one of them then you’re at the right place.

Here, we’re going to do a detailed discussion about the recent trending video of Oliver tree and belle delphine and wanna know what they did and why their name is taken together then just read the complete discussion. 

Who is Oliver Tree?

Oliver tree is an American singer and comedian who was born on 29 June 1993 in California, United States. He has currently joined 3 records named Atlantic record, Warner Music, R&S records and many others.

He is a singer who can sing in various types of genres like Hip hop, Indie pop, Alternative pop and various others. He also plays 2 musical instruments which are Guitar and Vocals. 

He is a famous and prestigious singer in the United States who is known for his unique comic style which entertains the audience a lot and makes them laugh. His singing style is unique and this American celebrity is also well-known in various other countries.


Oliver tree joined Atlantic records in the year 2017 and introduced “When I’m down” this album goes viral over the internet. In 2020 he introduced another album named Ugly is beautiful which also becomes a huge hit.

His album “life goes on” got 400 million streams on Spotify and the most recent album which he released in February 2022 named Cowboy tears. Currently, he is engaged in 5 professions.

He is a singer, songwriter, rapper, filmmaker, comedian, and record producer and aced in all the fields. 

Who is Belle delphine? 

Belle Delphine is a social media celebrity in the United States. He also has a well-known name in the pornographic industry and also gets related to the singing industry.

The real name of Belle Delphine is Mary-Belle Kirschner who is professionally known with the name of Belle delphine. 

She is also a model and an internet celebrity who has plenty of followers over tik tok and various other social media handles.

She is of South African origin and was born in England. She is one of the richest celebrities on the internet because of her tremendous marketing skills and due to this plenty of brands hire her for promoting her products.

She is just 23 years young and a stunning lady who has a tremendously growing career on social media. 

Oliver tree and Belle Delphine viral video

Late night of 8th November 2022, singer and comedian Oliver tree posted a video with the caption”What finding love on the internet looks like.”

His fans became widely confused about the caption because they didn’t know what it meant for Oliver. 

They saw in the video that Oliver tree is sitting at a table and desperately waiting for introducing something. The audience next gets interacted with the shocking facial expression of singer Oliver tree.

He pointed the angle of the video to the door and from the door, a lady comes in with a beautiful white and pink dress with pink hair, fair colour and wearing pink headphones. 

The reaction of Oliver tree is like he is shocked. Then the lady comes up close to Oliver wearing a pink wig, beautiful facial expression and headphones. They both stand together and the video ends with a kiss between both parties. 

The kiss they’ve done is very tempting and stunning. They had a very passionate kiss on h other and hence the video gets ended. After watching the complete video social media has shown an impressive reaction.

After watching the video, the fans got the answer to their question which occurs after just reading the caption of the video. 

Fans’ reaction to Oliver tree and Belle Delphine’s kiss

The reaction of fans is mixed completely. People’s diets get the exact meaning of the video. The kiss between these 2 celebrities clearly states that there is something between them but Oliver tree doesn’t clarify anything clearly and brings his fans into a big doubt. 

Plenty of people are suggesting they are dating each other and are in a relationship with each other. Plenty of people commented in the comment section of the video that Oliver tree paid a good amount to Belle to join him in his video.

This statement gets strong because Belle doesn’t post anything like any post or something related to Oliver tree so that the fans get confirmed that they’re in a relationship.

Well, the video is going viral and is one of the most searched videos on various social media platforms.

If they’re in a relationship with each other we’ll see the official announcement of their relationship very soon. If they’re not in a relationship with each other and Oliver tree pays an amount to be featured in his TikTok video then the controversy ends here. 

Well, both the celebrities didn’t confirm anything yet. The fans of both parties just have seen the kiss between each other and this video be the omes of the most searched video over the internet. 

Fans Comments 

An Instagram user said,” Tell me how much belle gets paid to join Oliver in his video 😇😇” 

Another Instagram user said, “I don’t even understand what just happened, I saw the video again and again and now I am excited for the official announcement of their relationship”. 

Plenty of comments like the above-mentioned comments are available in the comment section of the video.

If you wanna see the officially shared most viral video of Oliver tree and Belle Delphine then you can watch it over Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube also.

So, just go and watched the video and enjoy the kiss between the most trending personalities over the internet. 

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