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Paige Bueckers Photos AI Leak on Reddit


Prominent female athletes, including UConn basketball star Paige Bueckers, have become targets of AI-generated explicit photos circulating online. This malicious tactic is aimed at discrediting their achievements and undermining their credibility.

Paige Bueckers Photos AI Leak

Paige Bueckers Photos AI

Paige Bueckers addressed the issue for the first time after the unauthorized posting of explicit images came to light on April 21. In a heartfelt post on X (formerly Twitter) on April 23, which garnered 2.9 million views within 15 hours, she expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support:

“The devil works hard but God and the people around me work WAY harder. The outpouring of love and support from the WBB community is unreal. Love y’all. Support women in sport ALWAYS,” Bueckers wrote.

Though Bueckers’ post did not directly reference the altered photos, many believe it was in response to the scandal involving her and fellow basketball star Caitlin Clark.

Unauthorized Photos and Social Media Response

While the authenticity of the images remains unconfirmed, social media posts indicate that the photos began surfacing on X on April 21, with users claiming access to the images. Social media platforms, including Reddit, acted quickly to remove these images and ban subreddits violating their policies on non-consensual intimate media.

Bueckers, a 22-year-old guard for the UConn women’s basketball team, had an impressive season, averaging 21.9 points per game. She is projected to be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2025 WNBA draft.

Support from the Sports Community

Paige Bueckers Photos AI

In a show of solidarity, WNBA and women’s college basketball fans flooded social media with positive posts about Clark and Bueckers, making it harder for the unauthorized photos to spread. Courtney Tate, HBCU Go sideline reporter, praised the community’s efforts:

“To everyone who flooded the Caitlin Clark and Paige Bueckers search with their highlights this morning, thank you. To the few weirdos in this world, y’all are sick,” Tate posted.

One highlighted post was a video of Bueckers’ 2021 ESPYs speech, where she addressed racial bias in women’s sports, advocating for greater recognition of Black female athletes.

Angel Reese Defends Her Peers

Paige Bueckers Photos AI

Chicago Sky rookie and former LSU standout Angel Reese also defended Bueckers and Clark on X. Her post, “protect young women in sports!!!” quickly gained 7.3 million views. Reese retweeted another user emphasizing the need to listen to Black women who face similar issues of sexualization and threats.

Reese herself has been vocal about the challenges she faces, including being sexualized and receiving death threats. Her resilience serves as a beacon for her peers, ensuring they do not face similar ordeals alone.

This scandal underscores the urgent need for stricter measures to protect female athletes from digital harassment and defamation. The sports community’s unified response highlights the importance of supporting and safeguarding women in sports, ensuring their achievements are celebrated, and their dignity preserved.

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