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Woman on Plane Not Real Video (UPDATE)

The individual responsible for the widely circulated “not real” remark during an aviation incident has been identified as Tiffany Gomas. Residing in Dallas, Gomas garnered attention due to her disruptive behavior that resulted in her removal from the flight and substantial delays for fellow travelers.

Based on information unearthed by journalist Bree A Dail, Gomas’ disruptive episode commenced with an accusation that a family had taken her air pods. The situation quickly escalated as she began to voice concerns about the aircraft’s safety, casting doubt on its ability to reach its intended destination.

A video that gained significant online traction depicted Gomas pacing along the aisle of the plane, uttering, “I’m getting off this plane, and there’s a valid reason behind it.” Yet, it was her puzzling declaration of “That individual back there is not genuine” that left many perplexed, as its meaning remained elusive.

The unconventional incident prompted flight attendants to determine that the aircraft needed a fresh security screening. According to police documents, Arely Gonzalez, a supervisor at American Airlines, noted that Gomas was denied boarding and had to be escorted out of the secure terminal area.

Law enforcement officials were called to the scene and encountered a highly distressed Gomas, who tearfully insisted that the flight was unsafe and would not successfully reach Florida. Following a verbal notification of criminal trespass from Gonzalez, Gomas was escorted to the public side of the terminal, as documented by the police records.

However, the saga didn’t conclude there. In an unexpected twist, Gomas managed to reenter the secured zone through the TSA Checkpoint, despite having her ticket revoked and being denied boarding.

Ultimately, Gomas was discovered waiting for an Uber on the curbside of the public area, where she received a written criminal trespass notice, signed by Gonzalez herself. According to official documents shared by journalist Bree A Dail, Gomas left the scene before affixing her signature to the notice, just before her departure.

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