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Former reality TV star and fitness influencer Erasmo Viana recently found himself at the center of controversy after an intimate video of him was leaked on social media. The incident took place on Wednesday (22), causing a stir on platforms such as Twitter. For those who are not familiar with his background, here is a look at Erasmo Viana’s journey to public life.

Erasmo Early Life and Career

Video Erasmo Viana Twitter

Erasmo Viana was born in Salvador, Bahia, on March 29th, and is currently 38 years old. He gained popularity on social media through his fitness lifestyle and his marriage to fellow influencer Gabriela Pugliesi. Beyond his online presence, Erasmo is an entrepreneur, owning the Kore gym franchise, which emphasizes achieving significant fitness results in a short amount of time.

Viana’s television career includes participation in the 2019 season of “O Aprendiz” on Band TV, hosted by Roberto Justus. He competed alongside finalists Gabi Lopes and Gabriel Gasparini, the latter being the winner. Erasmo also appeared in the 13th season of “A Fazenda,” a reality show on Record TV. His time on “A Fazenda” was marked by controversy, including accusations of making sexist remarks.

Erasmo Viana was married to Gabriela Pugliesi for four years. During his stint on “A Fazenda,” he shared with his fellow contestants that their marriage ended due to failed pregnancy attempts and issues of infidelity. Gabriela later confirmed that Erasmo had cheated on her multiple times, including three months before their wedding.

Transition to Adult Content

Video Erasmo Viana Twitter

In 2022, Erasmo ventured into the world of adult content by creating an account on the platform Privacy. He stated that his decision was influenced by fan requests for more sensual content. “A lot of people were already asking me for this on the internet. I receive messages daily, so I felt ready to make different content,” he explained.

The Video Erasmo Viana Leak and Its Aftermath

Erasmo Viana’s unexpected exposure came when a video of him engaging in sexual activity was leaked from the Privacy platform and widely shared on social media. In response, Erasmo took to Instagram Stories to express his feelings about the incident.

The Video Erasmo Viana Leak and Its Aftermath

“There is no manual for learning how to deal with the internet,” he said. “The decision to work with this tool, especially exposing your personal image, demands a lot of courage and emotional intelligence. Because here it really is no man’s land, there are few situations in which you have control, but it is everyone’s obligation to know how to control their emotions in the face of everything.”

Erasmo acknowledged the negativity that often overshadows the positive aspects of social media but emphasized his intent to remain optimistic. “The energy directed towards bad things unfortunately still overwhelms the good things. Although there are moments of anguish and judgment, I will always look for the positive side of this network that governs us, be it positively influencing people or being influenced by them,” he concluded.

Erasmo Viana’s journey from fitness influencer to reality TV star and now to an adult content creator has been marked by both public acclaim and controversy. The recent leak of his intimate video has thrust him into the spotlight once again, prompting discussions about privacy, consent, and the challenges of navigating a digital career.

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