Patricio Cabezut is accused of alleged sexual abuse against his daughters

      Patricio Cabezut is accused of alleged sexual abuse

      Yesterday, Aurea Zapata caused a stir by sharing a distressing video on her social media platforms. In the video, she revealed that the judge overseeing her case with her ex-husband, Patricio Cabezut, had allegedly issued a search warrant authorizing the breaking of locks in her apartment to retrieve their two daughters.

      A visibly distraught Zapata expressed fear for her safety and that of her daughters, claiming that the judge intended to seize the minors from her residence due to her failure to comply with scheduled appointments for visitation with their father.

      Patricio Cabezut is accused of alleged sexual abuse

      Patricio Cabezut is accused of alleged sexual abuse

      Zapata insinuated bias on the part of the judge towards Cabezut, emphasizing the judge’s apparent disregard for the alleged violence experienced by her and her daughters at the hands of the TV presenter.

      However, Patricio Cabezut responded, clarifying that while a search warrant had been issued, authorities had not yet visited Zapata’s residence. He refuted Zapata’s portrayal of events in the video, stating that the judge simply sought to ensure compliance with the visitation arrangement.

      In response, Zapata acknowledged that her home had not been searched but reiterated her fear for her daughters’ safety, expressing concern about potential intrusions into her residence.

      Both parties have expressed apprehension and concerns about safety, with Zapata alleging surveillance and intimidation tactics by Cabezut and his associates. Cabezut, on the other hand, has raised legal implications, suggesting that Zapata’s actions may constitute child abduction.

      The situation remains tense, with legal actions being contemplated by both sides in response to the escalating conflict.

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