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      tio paulo morto video

      On Wednesday afternoon (17th), new pictures came out about the case of the old man everyone calls “Tio Paulo.” Before the bank incident, there was a video showing Paulo Roberto Braga alive, but he needed a wheelchair. It was taken the day before at a shopping mall in Bangu, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

      Tio Paulo Morto Video

      tio paulo morto video

      In the video, Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes is pushing “Tio Paulo” on the sidewalk until they reach the entrance of the mall. Paulo Roberto raises his hand when they get close to the glass door so he won’t bump into it. Érika stops to talk to someone before they go inside. According to Rede Globo, Paulo had left the hospital and went to a loan store with Érika.

      According to Rede Globo’s website G1, Fundação Saúde, who manages Bangu UPA, said “Uncle Paulo” was in the hospital on April 8th but left about seven days before he died, one day before his death. Érika said to the police she was Paulo Roberto’s niece and took care of him. He was in the hospital last week because he had pneumonia.

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      Remembering what happened with “Tio Paulo,” Érika surprised everyone yesterday when she took him, already dead and in a wheelchair, to a bank to get a loan of R$17 thousand. In a video from the bank, Érika tries to make Paulo sign the papers while holding his head so it won’t fall back, but it doesn’t work.

      “Uncle, are you listening? You need to sign. If you don’t sign it, there’s no way. I can’t sign for you, but I’ll help you,” she said. After investigating, the police found out Paulo Roberto died hours before they went to the bank. Érika was arrested for trying to steal money and disrespecting a dead body.

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