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Video de Ze Paredao y Natalya Nery Leaked Zé Paredão el Instagram

After the release of the private video featuring Controversy’s girlfriend, Zé Paredão took to Instagram stories visibly shaken, emphasizing that he was not involved in the exposure of the recording. According to him, the video was taken from the dancer’s phone, and he never had access to it.

“I’m completely unrelated to this situation. I’ve never seen this video. Besides, she’s a woman. She would never do that. I despise partying,” he clarified. Following the fallout of the incident, the singer filed a complaint with the 4th Territorial Police Station (DT) of São Caetano.

Deivison Nascimento, the lead singer of the band Oh Polemic, also weighed in: “This battle is between him and me, but since he couldn’t handle it, he took a video from the time he was with Natalya to post. I won’t let a fake, a scoundrel, who speaks ill of me when I’m gone,” Polly began, taking the opportunity to convey a message: “For every tear you shed on her and her son, you will be held accountable. You will never find peace again. I will make you respect everyone,” she added.

Dancer Natalya Nery, currently in a relationship with Oh Polêmico, is allegedly Zé Paredão’s ex-girlfriend. The video pertains to the time they were together.

It is essential to note that sharing intimate images without consent is a criminal offense, governed by two laws that amended the Penal Code: the Rose Leonel Law (13.772/18), which criminalizes the unauthorized recording of “content with nude scenes or sexual or libidinous acts of an intimate and private nature,” punishable by six months to one year in prison.

Video de Ze Paredao y Natalya Nery Leaked Zé Paredão

video de ze paredao

The conflict reached a new height when, after exchanging provocations on social media, a video of Zé Paredão with his ex-girlfriend, dancer Natalya Nery, surfaced online. The situation became more complex as Natalya is currently in a relationship with the “Oh Controversial” singer, intensifying the tension between the artists involved in the controversy.

Deleting stories doesn’t prevent the spread of misinformation

Despite the singers’ attempts to delete some of the content shared during the upheaval, the repercussions had already spread across social media, keeping tensions high and increasing public interest in the consequences of this clash. Fans and followers remain vigilant about the developments of this episode that has shaken the pagoda scene.

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