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African Grey Parrots Swearing Video YouTube

Hey, have you checked out that viral video of the African grey parrot named Coco swearing up a storm? It’s blown up with over one million views and counting! In the clip, Coco, the feathered little troublemaker, is seen zooming around his owner Laura’s living room, blurting out some seriously colorful language like “son of a b*tch” and a few other choice words.

Laura never intended for the video to go public, but a friend shared it without her permission, and boom, it went viral faster than Coco can squawk!

Now, the internet is split on whether Laura should take the heat for Coco’s potty-mouth antics or if it’s just innocent mimicry without Coco truly understanding the words’ meanings. But one thing’s for sure—this little parrot sure knows how to spice up a conversation!

Coco’s story really highlights the incredible talent African greys have for mimicking speech, but it also raises some important questions about responsible pet ownership. Love them or hate them, you can’t help but be intrigued by that swearing parrot!

African Grey Parrots Swearing Video YouTube

african grey parrots swearing video

In case you missed it, here’s the scoop on Coco and his viral video: Laura, a twenty-something Londoner, is the proud owner of Coco, a five-year-old African grey parrot. She got Coco as a baby from a local pet store and spent the first couple of years teaching him the basics—hello, his name, you know, the polite stuff.

But as Coco grew up, he got bored with the standard repertoire and started picking up some less-than-polite language from Laura’s conversations, TV shows, and radio programs.

Laura was shocked when she realized how much Coco had absorbed from her colorful vocabulary. “I try to teach him nicer words, but he seems to prefer the shock value,” Laura said with a chuckle. Coco’s favorite phrase, “son of a b*tch,” became the star of the viral video that took the internet.

The video, originally uploaded by one of Laura’s friends without her permission, has sparked a debate about pet ownership and the consequences of vocal mimicry. While some folks think Laura should be more mindful of what Coco hears, others argue that Coco’s just having fun and doesn’t understand the words he’s saying.

Despite the controversy, Laura is working with her avian veterinarian to find ways to redirect Coco’s vocal talents. “He’s a clever little guy who’s just trying to make some noise,” Laura said. “I’m doing my best to teach him some manners, but hey, he’s a work in progress!”

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