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Mami Kim Yailin Sister Video Viral on Twitter

Yailin La Más Viral and her sister, Mami Kim, have been entangled in a series of back-and-forths for several months now. Amidst this, Mami Kim has disclosed intimate family matters, including allegations of neglect by their mother in education. Additionally, there have been reported conflicts between Yailin La Más Viral and her former friends. Allegedly, the former Anuel AA has threatened legal action in response to these revelations.

The show “La Universidad de la Calle” (La UCA) aired a video this Friday revealing the moment when urban singer Yailin the most viral and her sister Mami Kim attacked entertainment commentator Mey Feliz, known as Fogón TV, at a beauty salon last January.

Mami Kim Yailin Sister Video

Mami Kim Yailin Sister Video

According to the video and Enrique Crespo’s account on the show, the singer “Chivirica,” who was pregnant with her daughter Cattleya at the time, approached Fogón, a colleague on “El show de Luinny Corporán,” while she was in the salon and struck her. Then, more aggressively (according to the clip), Yailin’s sister is seen pulling her hair and hitting Fogón.

Yailin wore a white wig and a blouse of the same color, paired with black shorts, while her sister Mami Kim was dressed in green. In the video, Mey Feliz is seen dressed in black.

The reason behind the attack remains unknown, but it’s understood that there was an argument prior to the altercation. The cameras captured gestures between the women, indicating that they were engaged in a heated discussion, although the specific topic remains undisclosed.

Following the incident, Mey Feliz filed a lawsuit against them.

In January of this year, Nelsy Maglene Feliz Ferreras (Fogón or Mey Feliz) reported to the Villa Juana Community Prosecutor’s Office in the National District that urban singer Jorgina Guillermo Díaz (Yailin the most viral) and her sister attacked her on January 19.

According to the document, the plaintiff was at the Riva Hair Center beauty center in Sambil when Yailin arrived with Kimberly and two other women. After exchanging words, Anuel AA’s then-wife threw a cell phone at her head.

Feliz stated that, due to Yailin’s pregnancy, she only attempted to “grab her hands,” but Kimberly “also attacked me, hitting me in the face and head, tearing off my extensions and scratching my arms.” She sustained significant injuries, including neck stiffness, from the blows delivered with fists and scratches.

Neither Yailin nor Mami Kim have addressed the incident publicly, then or since.

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