Fedex Driver Fired for Viral Video

      Fedex Driver Fired for Viral Video

      In a widely circulated TikTok video, which has sparked concern regarding FedEx and its delivery practices, a FedEx driver is depicted tossing a package toward a doorstep rather than gently placing it down. The recipient of the package, as shown in the video captured by a Ring doorbell, discovered upon opening it that her delicate mugs were shattered.

      This incident has garnered attention due to the widespread availability of doorbell cameras, allowing people to monitor their doorsteps and visitors remotely.

      Fedex Driver Fired for Viral Video

      Fedex Driver Fired for Viral Video 1

      The TikTok creator, @souplovesouplife, shared images of her broken mugs and highlighted the careless manner in which the package was handled, despite being labeled with four fragile stickers. This sparked a debate among viewers, with some arguing that regardless of fragility, packages should always be handled with care. The creator promptly posted footage of the package being tossed, satisfying the curiosity of many viewers.

      Fedex Driver Fired for viral video

      Addressing concerns in a follow-up comment on the original TikTok, the creator mentioned that the mugs were individually wrapped and had more support than depicted in the video, emphasizing the adequacy of the packaging. While some viewers defended the driver, suggesting that the damage could have occurred during transit, others called for accountability, advocating for the driver’s dismissal.

      The creator expressed efforts to address the issue, including involving her father in discussions with the distribution center.

      Many individuals shared similar experiences of unsatisfactory interactions with FedEx drivers, leading to speculation that the company prioritizes quantity over quality. The hope is that by raising awareness through such incidents and the prevalence of Ring Doorbells, improvements can be made to prevent future mishandling of packages by delivery personnel.

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