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Florida Alligator Attack Woman Walking Dog Video

Last year, tragedy struck when an elderly woman, Gloria Serge, lost her life in a devastating alligator attack. The incident occurred in February 2023 as she was out walking her small dog near the lake close to her home in Spanish Lakes Fairways, a retirement community in Fort Pierce, Florida. Surveillance footage captured the horrifying moment when a large alligator emerged from the lake and attacked both Serge and her dog.

The distressing footage, made public by Inside Edition, also includes parts of a frantic 911 call placed by Serge’s neighbor as she witnessed the attack unfold, with the alligator pulling the 85-year-old into the water.

Florida alligator attack woman walking dog

florida alligator attack woman walking dog

According to wildlife officials, the alligator responsible for the attack was approximately 10 feet long. It took a team of at least six individuals to capture and transport the creature for euthanization after the incident. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed that Serge’s remains were recovered.

The lawsuit, filed by Serge’s son William Serge, who manages her estate, seeks justice for the tragic loss. William Serge expressed the heart-wrenching pain of receiving the news about his mother’s final moments and emphasized the need for accountability.

The family’s legal action targets Wynne Building Corporation, the owner and operator of Spanish Lakes Fairways. The lawsuit alleges that the corporation was aware of the presence of alligators on the property but failed to take adequate measures to address the danger they posed to residents, including Serge.

Attorneys representing Serge’s family highlighted evidence suggesting that maintenance workers in the community fed the particular alligator involved in the attack and even gave it a name, indicating a level of familiarity and negligence on the part of the property management.

florida alligator attack woman walking dog

In response, Joel Wynne, president of Wynne Building Corporation, acknowledged the tragedy but defended the corporation’s track record, citing the community’s long history without prior incidents of alligator attacks. He emphasized that residents, including Serge, were aware of the inherent risks associated with living near alligators.

The lawsuit seeks damages of at least $50,000 and a jury trial, aiming to hold Wynne Building Corporation accountable for the fatal alligator attack and to bring closure to Serge’s grieving family.

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