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      Ashton Torgerson Video, During the 11th lap of Wednesday’s Chili Bowl race at The SageNet Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a severe crash involving 16-year-old Ashton Torgerson occurred. The young driver’s car flipped multiple times after hitting a wall, resulting in his ejection from the vehicle. Thankfully, reports from officials indicate that Torgerson is now awake and communicating with healthcare professionals.

      The Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals, an annual indoor midget car race held at the Tulsa State Fair, features a 1/4 mile dirt oval track where drivers typically compete in 30-lap races. This event is considered the premier midget race of the year within the NASCAR community.

      Ashton Torgerson accident crash video

      Ashton Torgerson accident crash video

      The incident has sparked discussions online regarding driver safety, with differing opinions on whether videos of the crash should be shared. @ZaxCal, a NASCAR fan and Twitter user, voiced the importance of raising awareness about safety by sharing such content. Concerns about Torgerson’s safety during the race have brought attention to the need for improved safety measures in motorsports.

      The atmosphere at the SageNet Center, usually filled with the excitement of racing, turned somber as Torgerson’s safety became the primary focus. Following the crash, track officials and medical personnel swiftly responded, ensuring Torgerson received immediate attention before being transported to a local hospital. Despite the frightening nature of the crash, reports indicate that Torgerson remained awake and alert throughout the ordeal.

      Online discussions among racing enthusiasts expressed hopes for Torgerson’s speedy recovery and raised questions about the effectiveness of safety measures in preventing such incidents. Updates from Torgerson Racing’s PR team indicated that Torgerson was responsive and undergoing medical evaluations, with initial tests showing positive signs of feeling in his extremities. Further updates on his condition are expected as more information becomes available.

      At the time of the crash, Torgerson was competing in the preliminary race and was running in the seventh position.

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