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Pretty Nicole, has been the talk of social media after a video allegedly showing her serving out her “sumbie” to a young man surfaced. However, according to Blizz Uganda, the video does not belong to Pretty Nicole. The video has not been released anywhere, and it remains a rumor.

Earlier this year, Pretty Nicole gained social media attention after a video of her being beaten for stealing a friend’s boyfriend went viral. The friend was later arrested for the beating, and Pretty Nicole was sent to school to continue her education. She had dropped out during the Covid-19 pandemic.

pretty nicole trending video today

Despite everyone commenting on the alleged video, it has not been released, and fans are curious to see what is going on. Blizz Uganda has shared a link to a pinned video on their Telegram channel, claiming it is the Pretty Nicole video.

It is unclear who and why someone would record their intimate moments and share them on social media. The video’s authenticity remains unconfirmed, and it is unclear what consequences it may have for Pretty Nicole’s reputation.

Who is Pretty Nicole?

Also known as Nicole Thompson, Pretty Nicole is a multi-talented artist who’s left a mark on the entertainment industry. Hailing from a small town, Nicole’s love for music and fashion propelled her into the limelight. With her distinct style and powerful voice, she quickly caught the spotlight and rose to fame.

One of the most exciting aspects of Pretty Nicole’s career is her latest music releases. Each new song manages to captivate her audience, leaving them eager for more. Her heartfelt lyrics resonate deeply with listeners, showcasing her versatility as an artist across various genres.

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