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Keane Mulready Woods Video: The Horrific Murder That Shocked Ireland

The brutal killing and dismemberment of 17-year-old Keane Mulready Woods in Drogheda last month should serve as a stark warning to other teenagers in the care of ruthless criminals, mourners at his funeral were told.

In a direct message to the young people of Drogheda, the parish priest Fr. Phil Gaffney pointed out that Keane’s association with criminal gangs led to his horrific and tragic end.

Keane Mulready Woods Video

Keane Mulready Woods Video

In what has been described as one of the most shocking murders in recent history, police believe Keane Mulready Woods was tortured and killed in a house in Drogheda on January 12. His severed limbs were found in a bag on the Moatview estate in Coolock, Dublin, the following day. Two days later, his head was discovered in a burning car near Dublin’s North Circular Road.

Keane was linked to one of the factions in the Drogheda feud and police believe his death and the gruesome display of his body parts was intended to send a message to crime bosses.

At the Church of the Holy Family in Ballsgrove, Drogheda, many of Keane’s friends wore T-shirts with his picture on them, while his parents Elizabeth and Barry, sister Courtney, and brothers Darren, Ryan, and Jack were comforted by family and friends. Armed police were present at the funeral.

Keane was due to celebrate his 18th birthday last week but instead, his family had to plan his funeral. Fr. Phil Gaffney said Keane’s death had deeply shocked and horrified the town of Drogheda.

“This young man, who was not yet 18 years old, was taken from his family in the most horrifying way,” Fr. Gaffney said. “This crime has caused an unparalleled level of revulsion, not only in Drogheda but across our country and beyond.”

Keane Mulready Woods Video

“Keane Mulready Woods had his troubles and was naive enough to get involved with the wrong people without realizing the dire consequences. I hope his death serves as a warning to other young teenagers groomed by ruthless criminals that promises of money and gifts will inevitably end in tragedy,” he continued.

Fr. Gaffney prayed for an end to the spell at Drogheda, urging Keane’s friends and the city’s youth to learn from his mistakes. “Please learn from his mistakes. He got involved with dangerous criminals, thinking some were his friends, but they slaughtered him so brutally.”

He highlighted the ease of access to drugs for young people and how it has become socially acceptable in different settings. “People using drugs socially are fueling this violence,” he said, calling for more government action.

Keane Mulready Woods Video

“These violent incidents should wake us up as a society to the realization that actions have consequences. The normalization of drug culture in Ireland is a serious problem. We need a nationwide response from our government,” he urged.

Fr. Gaffney also called on the community to support the police in dealing with the feud’s impact on the city. “We, the priests of the Holy Family parish, together with our bishop, once again appeal to those responsible: In the name of God, let it end now.”

Keane’s white coffin was brought to the church in a hearse, followed by a large group of family, neighbors and friends. As his remains were taken from the church, he sang “You Raise Me Up” inside. Burial took place after the requiem service in Calvary City Cemetery.

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