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Watch Lucian Brownlee Ibn Williams video on Twitter


Recently, a video is going viral on various social media platforms. The reason behind this is that the video is related to one of the most loved and popular basketball players Lucian Brownlee.

The video was posted by an unknown Twitter user and since the video got uploaded on Twitter, there are millions of shares of this video. The search for Lucian Brownlee’s viral video becomes one of the most searched on Twitter and Reddit. 

If you’re also one of those who have seen the video and are willing to know more about the video then you’re at the right place. In this discussion, we’re going to tell you about the latest viral video of Lucian Brownlee. 

Who is Lucian Brownlee?

Watch Lucian Brownlee Ibn Williams video

Lucian Brownlee is one of the best and most popular basketball players who was born in New York on 1st January 1999. In the recently concluded match for the Coppin State Eagles in the NCAA, he played as a point guard. His game is loved by millions of people. 

He is a good player and played plenty of important tournaments for his team with winning performances. He also faced a time when he was in a bad mental state.

Coming back with a mental disturbance, he played well for his team. The reason behind the bad mental state is being catfished by his coach. 

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Lucian Brownlee Viral video on Twitter and Reddit 

A video is posted on Twitter with the caption “Lucian Brownlee Ibn Williams Video”, this video is going viral currently on various social media platforms.

Some other videos of this basketball player are circulating over the internet but the recent video is going viral. Plenty of websites are claiming that they are the owners of this video but there is no proof regarding this. 

The assistant coach of Coppin State basketball player Lucian Brownlee is getting sued for pressuring him for providing nu-de images and blackmailing him.

A video is shown on various social media platforms where Lucian Brownlee is getting blackmailed for his se-xual encounter with his coach. 

The news came regarding the leaked video that Lucian Brownlee was responding to the person who he gets sexually encountered and his basketball coach is getting blamed to do nothing regarding this issue. The person was blackmailing him.

His husband is ‘Robyn Dixon’ and after seeing the video he got a very disgusting reaction from his wife. Also, after learning about blackmailing, he formed Williams to be the part of practice from the next day. 

The reaction of the audience is very mixed, plenty of people support Lucian Brownlee after seeing the video and plenty of them are enjoying the video and criticizing him for the things he did as a reported basketball player.

Also, the university in which he is studying also takes serious action regarding the incident and investigates the real matter. He is one of the most reputed players in this college and it is very difficult for the university to take serious action against this valuable asset of the college.

Still, the officials of the college are investigating the issue and blame his basket coach named Juan Dixon for not reporting the issue to the board members earlier.

His college is going to take serious action over this issue because the issue is related to blackmailing.

This matter becomes very serious now because of a video of a popular Basketball player who is also blamed as a catfisher leaked online and when the matter reverted then it was found that he was in a bad mental state and being blackmailed by an individual.

The official leaked video is circulating over various social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube. The official owner of the video is not found yet but plenty of websites are claiming that they’re the official owner of this video. 

If you’re willing to know about the video then just stay tuned with us. Whenever we get any update regarding this issue we’ll update you.

Also, you can easily watch the official video on Twitter and Reddit. We’re unable to share the link to the official video due to some restrictions but you’ll get the video after scrolling through some profiles on Twitter. 

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