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Why is Markiplier in the Bathtub?


Fans of popular YouTuber Markiplier were left confused by his recent content, which he recorded while in the bathtub.

Markiplier’s Bathtub Videos: What’s Going On?

Why is Markiplier in the Bathtub?

After posting his last regular gaming video on April 14, 2024, Markiplier took a short break from uploading. He returned on May 16 with a surprising twist: a new video recorded from a bathtub. As of May 22, he has uploaded six gaming videos, all filmed from this unusual location.

In his video titled “YOU WILL LEARN… | Ring Academy,” Markiplier hinted that this might be his final bathtub video, describing the setup as “super uncomfortable.” However, he has continued to use the bathtub for subsequent videos.

The Reason Behind the Bathtub

Markiplier explained the bathtub setting as a “gimmick” but also pointed out a practical reason: “there actually aren’t any other places to be.” He elaborated on this during an episode of his Distractible podcast, revealing that he is currently staying at an Airbnb. This temporary accommodation, which he shares with his team while working on his directorial debut, **Iron Lung**, apparently offers limited recording spaces. The bathtub in the secondary bathroom provides good acoustics and a quiet environment away from the team’s activities.

A History of Markiplier Bathtub Videos

Why is Markiplier in the Bathtub video

Recording YouTube videos from a bathtub is not entirely new for Markiplier. In 2016, he filled and laid in a tub of hot chocolate with two friends, and in 2017, he submerged himself in a bathtub of mashed potatoes. These stunts are part of his unique and often humorous approach to content creation.

Fan Reactions

The bathtub videos have generated a mix of confusion and amusement among fans. Many are entertained by the novelty, while others are curious about the practical challenges and reasons behind this unusual setup. Markiplier’s ability to keep his audience engaged, even with unconventional recording environments, speaks to his creativity and adaptability as a content creator.

Markiplier’s bathtub videos have certainly caught the attention of his fanbase, blending humor with practical necessity. As he continues to work on his upcoming film **Iron Lung**, fans can expect more surprises and innovative content from this beloved YouTuber. If you’re curious to see these bathtub videos for yourself, you can find them on his YouTube channel.

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